Dragon Ball FighterZ announced! PLAY THE BETA!


Toriyama also invented Super Saiyan because he was too lazy too keep drawing Goku’s hair black.

Don’t discount the marketing power of laziness.


late as hell but the free dhcs are half-circles instead of the regular super motion plus assist. No wonder I wasn’t getting them during the beta. Thought they had removed that shit glad that they didn’t.


not gonna lie, with the huge lack of info/real players playing this game the past few months I really forgot this game existed

hopefully it ends up kinda competitive


You mean the game that gets char trailers alot of times and is featured alot in FG sites like SRK and EH? The game that almost everyone is hyped about? The game that has alot of content to explore because of the beta and popular FGC channels like Maxs channel? You forgot it existed? Than poor Fighting EX Layer that only gets something new close to every 2 months and people just talk about it for 5 mins till they forget it exists.


Want more info before the game come out? Wait for upcoming beta and enjoy bunch of info/gameplay on youtube/ twitch/ etc at your heart’s content.


Im not sure what lack of real info even implies since to my knowledge ive posted the most stuff for this game on this thread here compared to any other source reddit, twitter, discord etc etc through out the games life span. If people want to have a real conversation im up for it, but people kept wanting to say I was wrong, and then got butt hurt when I was constantly right about everything since the very beginning sooooooooooooo… I still have way more knowledge to talk about I just got bored of talking about it on deaf ears to say.


And then there’s those of us who were lucky enough to play the last beta who can back up some of what dialup is talking about. We already have people confirming that autocombos are an integral part of the core gameplay to a point where all of the flashy stuff you see in vids are simply autos that are being interrupted at certain points.

I was at the gym last night showing one of the trainers interested in the game that Krillin tutorial that was uploaded showing how good his M autocombo is with enough stock. “This game is idiot-proof, man. Get it, go for it, get people tilted once you get the meter to go nuts with the Triangle button!”


Free DHCs?



Basically doing a dhc without using a super before it.


Vjump released a higher res pic of last month’s arcade scan. Confirms hit black and beerus


A third Goku?


I will mash M with great excitement as Goku Black. Sorry Ginyu and Cell, but Zamasu is joining Frieza and Beerus as my Day 1. Team Armageddon FTW


Ningens on suicide watch right now.


Oh we ain’t done yet


well they did say the story takes place during the black arc so its to be expected black or merged zamasu was going to be in it right? Although id think this means we are going to be getting a merged zamasu down the line as well… hard to imagine only black.

So that leaves 1 spot then for the roster? If we are assume its 24 gotta think its last boss girl. If its for some reason 25 id go with vegito and last boss girl. Would seem strange to me to save one last spot for someone like radditz, bardock. Especially for the people whining about how unique they are compared to other people.

I do think its kinda a shame looks like someone like broly would be DLC though then. Dont care for him, but he deff would serve a purpose gameplay wise.


Don’t worry, more different variations of Goku coming your way in the future DLCs!


Oh god. Goku Black was the one guy I hoped would stay away. Most retarded character ever. Also another Goku clone.


When it comes to fighting he is Goku in name only. His energy weapons give him a fighting style that is unlike any of the other major characters the series has ever seen.


Black and hit gonna be amazing