Dragon Ball FighterZ announced! PLAY THE BETA!


I preordered the physical copy from amazon but they sent me something on getting the beta


When you pre order for PS4,are you supposed to get a code to access the beta? Or do they just know?


You have to actually go to the store and type out dragon ball fighterz open beta. It wont just give it to you automatically. Gotta type the whole thing out. Yea its dumb. But if you look you will see a place to download the beta, and a place to download the pre order thing as well.


Are you going to play on the open beta?


So I get access on the 14th


I guess I pre-ordered a physical copy for no reason. Well, I do get a Trunks POP! figure. I really wanted that steelbook, but I’m not dropping all that bread to not even get the season pass.


Just kicks you back out to the main menu on PS4 at least.


Someone I know got the same email. It said they got “early access” for pre-ordering, and then gave the same 14-15 date that everyone else is getting. So, basically Amazon being Amazon.


For all you internet gangstas out there

Step 1: Pre order a digital copy on ps4 or xbox one
Step 2: Download early beta access
Step 3: Play and enjoy early beta access
Step 4: Cancel pre order
Step 5: profit??


I was gifted the Day 1 preorder from Gamestop for my PS4, but i dont see any code on the receipt. Out of luck? maybe i should go with the above post strat


Seems like a lot of work for one extra day, tbh.


Yeah I’m not really trippin about it with doing all of that lol. I just wish i got my stick before getting on the beta. Wanted to get a good feel of things on i


So has deflect changed for this build?


oh boy doesnt look like a real training mode, bummer, although testing things right now, gokus standing infinite does appear to work that i talked about. However it does seem other things I alluded to, do not work. Testing things are gonna be hard though it looks like as im gonna have to get the muscle memory as im still trying to figure out what control settings to even use. But for what its worth the one goku loop infinite would appear that it works to at least some extent… Other things look iffy and looks liek they took it out. Should have never posted them i guess


Also yes what i talked about seems to work you can indeed block in the air and do the deflect cancel i said you could. Wont say deflect but indeed cancels all your recovery and you can do whatever.

derp derp


TFW Open Beta is available and the game releases in just 2 weeks.


Wow, you can’t even access training mode lmao.


How do you do that infinite again?


Just won my first set and I’m on such a high because of it. I’ve never had so much fun playing a fighting game in such a long time.



Only digital pre-orders from PSN get early access.

Do a video on this (and any other stuff you find) and I’ll see about putting them on the front page.