Dragon Ball FighterZ announced! PLAY THE BETA!


TFW Open Beta is available and the game releases in just 2 weeks.


Wow, you can’t even access training mode lmao.


How do you do that infinite again?


Just won my first set and I’m on such a high because of it. I’ve never had so much fun playing a fighting game in such a long time.



Only digital pre-orders from PSN get early access.

Do a video on this (and any other stuff you find) and I’ll see about putting them on the front page.


Just do the tutorial over and over again for training mode <3


If it goes under maintenance, you can still get these trial matches even if you don’t have early access.


Looks like they took out the multi hit tag thing I talked about.

ya I dunno how easy its gonna be to get the computer to cooperate to do a full life combo on them off the bat unfortunately but just testing it I got a loop of it, so assuming theres no push back that makes infinites not work, guess he has one. Some other links work with him to i talked about, but other stuff dont seem to be working. Looks like some of the piccolo links I talked about work as well, but getting them while still learning the buttons for a real combo is gonna be a hassle with out a real training mode.

Looks like you can do the kara cancel stuff still i talked about as well, but again unless I can get the cpu to agree wtih me, hard to test to see how invincable you can make yourself. But I guess I could easily make the deflect thing I talked about that probably wouldnt be to hard.


hell fuck I can even sign on now, wont even do trial battles lol


I appreciate the Trial battles but they should let you choose your own team lol.

Got Nappa like 5 out of 6 trials smh.


Yea playing a couple trial matches before I go to work lol


I think the maintenance is over, I’m back in the lobby


Yea it is. I can’t play anymore :disappointed:


Just ranked up from Saibamen to Earthling, feeling pretty good about myself. It’s kind of odd how they give you obscenely large amounts of BP for winning a ranked set tbh.


Decided to get some of the unique dialogue before and after some of the battles.

Gohan to Beerus after:


Cell to Piccolo before:


Vegeta to Cell before:


Krillin to Vegeta before:


Nappa to Vegeta after:


Piccolo to Goku after:


Krillin to Freeza before:


#18 to Kid Boo:


Nappa to Gohan after:


Nappa to Goku before:


Nappa to Goku after:


Nappa and Piccolo before:


Gohan to Nappa after:


Nappa to Freeza after:



^ The Nappa vs. Vegeta picture is same as the Krillin vs. Vegeta picture.


Thanks. Fixed.


I can summon Shenron consistently! There are at least 2 ways to do it. The number of 10s in your combos determines which ball you get (e.g. 10 hits for the one star ball, 20 hits for the 2 star ball, etc). Then you have to do the light attack super move. The super will get interrupted and Shenron’ll show up.

Also figured out that you get a dragon ball whenever you do a light attack auto combo.

There’s even a specific order for getting the dragon balls when you auto combo:

1st auto combo - 4 star ball
2nd auto combo - 2 star ball
3rd auto combo - 5 star ball
4th auto combo - 3 star ball
5th auto combo - 6 star ball
6th auto combo - 7 star ball
7th auto combo - 1 star ball


is there any “pro” gg or bb player streaming dbfz right now?


The dialogue exchanges during battle is on point. Makes the matches much more fulfilling.

Btw, Kazunoko is streaming: