Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


Arc System Works about to kill Marvel before Capcom.

Will post better version of the screenshots soonish. Press release at:

PDF died, translated press release:

Hiroki Tomoko comment:

Official website: http://dba.bn-ent.net/

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Always wanted this. Piccolo mains we in here


Arc System Works is generations behind Dimps. the Xenoverse series is superior.

Dragon Ball Fighters is just cheap obsolete cash grab nonsense, with garbage roster, no character creation, and not even providing 1/4 of the freedom, immersion, community and customization the Xenoverse games have.

Dragon Ball Fighters is an example of the stagnation of the genre and franchise. the series itself should not be confined to 2D/2.5D either. there’s already too much Street Fighter clones and SF variations as it is.

it doesn’t matter how “balanced”, technical and competitive Dragon Ball Fighters is, it’s still trash obsolete selection, and limiting.

the Xenoverse series is breaking limits, and Arc System Works makes a leap backwards for the franchise. so lame of them.
Namco are better off porting Super Dragon Ball Heroes to PS4 and making it international localization.


As long as Juuhachigou (Android 18) gets in, I’m satisfied. Regardless, I’m very happy that this is even coming out.


Yep, we’re all gonna be really sad we didn’t get to see AlphaOmegaSin and Smegeta’s original do not steal characters.


Xenoverse is fucking trash. t. someone who bought both games and has sunk countless hours into both of them.
The character creation is terrible, and the game plays like complete trash. Xenoverse belongs in the garbage.


Great…Affinity’s in here…and now it’s going to use its own time to shill its own games.


In. Already paypal’d, and mailed a check to Arcsys.


If the game has decent gameplay, then it has a really strong chance of dethroning MvC as a staple.

Niggas fuck with marvel but DBZ is bae.


Yeah, people talk about brand loyalty? You know what beats brand loyalty? Childhood fucking nostalgia.


Negativity is not allowed in this thread.


Chiaotzu better be in as a grappler

embed fail.



I see nothing but great things coming from this game.

I’m just so happy we’re finally getting a legit DBZ fighting game. I’ve been waiting for this for awhile.


Wonder how they will do transformations. I see meter gauge on bottom. Level 1 = Ssj1, Level 2 = Ssj2, ect.? So would cost 3 meters for Ssj3?


I just need Guldo and a mid tier Krillin to make this preorder happen. There’s no chance I’m not going to buy it, though.


Curious about the roster size. Since it’s 3v3, I would think the roster would be on large.


There won’t be any in-game transformations.


This is a 2D fighter?


From what I understand not entirely. I’d like to be wrong though.