Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


This character is balanced.


Didnt read everything just commenting on some stuff i saw

Leon my team is perfectly fair i play cell yamcha goku ;^y

Cell should always be first. Hes probably the overall best in the game but idc i called cell main from the day the first trailer dropped. His st.M is hilarious, srsly go test the range on that thing. No, dont read the rest of this post, go test it now!

I was playing nappas but i think yamcha is better plus yamcha has such piss easy conversions to big damage.

I want to replace goku with adult gohan but my gohan succs, so hes on my casual team for now.

When people figure ginyu out hes going to climb the tier list

All of this might be old or yall might e discussed it alrdy idk i havent been on here much cuz ive actually just been playing rhe game nonstop for the past week. Oh yeah what are the BP requirements for each rank? If anyone knows.

Vegeta is really fkn annoying. HIT is definitely super good. Goku blacc is okay along with android 16. I think adult gohan is the future. Cell is lord. Uhhh idk what else to say, ill get bacc to playing now ta-ta



Fucks sake online in this is straight trash.

“You have been disconnected from the lobby” over and over and over afuckingain.

Heres a fucking idea, how about having no fucking lobby to disconnect from and narrowing the things that can go wrong to just between 2 players in a match?


Wish you could type your own messages in DBFZ like in GG instead of being stuck with the preset messages. HATE it when developers do that for PC games.


Literally everything about dbfz with regards to their online component, is terrible.

Chat is horrid.
Finding matches is bad.
Input delay is terrible.
No ping indicator.
The lobbies are archaic.
Replay function is the most horribly implemented I’ve ever seen… the shit kicks you out after watching 1 replay.
Rematch function takes forever, like mvci, because the developers want to make you watch a post match grading system, every game, for thousands of games (the fuck happened to being able to skip this shit)
You have to “face towards” and be close to the lobby person you want access to rather than just being able to walk into a circled area and press A… this makes finding things like your training mode dude annoying when they are covered by 20+ avatars. why annoy people that want to play your game?
Walking from place to place takes time, time that I don’t have. If I want to walk and shit I’ll play some open world game (dbfz does have text menus to use instead by pressing trigger) but I digress, still makes me feel like the devs added that in in a conciliatory way and that they would prefer me walking around wasting my time in their horrendously bad virtual lobby.

And once again, NO GGPO. I don’t care if it’s jap devs or eu devs or devs from planet cybertron. I want ping times and the ability to pick my own delay, like what ggpo has had since over a decade ago and skullgirls had in 2012. How in the fuck you gonna let a game with a 10th of your budget clown you like that?


Yeah I was already annoyed that every video had a Vegeta and now this. Guess we’ve found the Sentinel / Doom of DBFZ. Wouldn’t mind keeping him like this but giving him Phoenix’s Health


The problem is that he’s the best assist in the game and a very strong character himself. Unless you use some sort of specialized team there’s not that much of a reason to not use Vegeta right now.


Living Legend 1,000,000+
Super Saiyan Blue 900,000 - 999,999
Super Saiyan God 800,000 - 899,999
Majin 700,000 - 799,999
Super Saiyan 3 600,000 - 699,999
Demon 500,000 - 599,999
Supreme Kai 400,000 - 499,999
Super Saiyan 2 330,000 - 399,999
Android 270,000 - 329,999
Super Saiyan 220,000 - 269,999
**Frieza Clan **170,000 - 219,999
Saiyan 120,000 - 169,999
Namekian 70,000 - 119,999
Earthling 30,000 - 69,999
Saibaman 0 - 29,999


Remember when they said the good assists will be attached to the lower end characters and the best characters will have worse assists?
I member.

That went to shit I guess coz all the good assists are from the first characters that were shown, it’s like they forgot the assists completely while making the rest of the cast and then went “Oh shit, well we have to choose one of their specials as assists and hopefully it’s good”.

Also fuck Gohan’s long ass legs, I don’t remember this asshole sliding fullscreen into death in the anime. This is so not canon.


I legit love this game.

It is deeper than I thought it would be, but the online fucking KILLS it for me.

I have not touched the game in about 4 days.

I REALLY hope the online gets better before EVO.

Since it is at EVO people will still play it just because it’s relevant. If it’s not fixed by then, it will probably die and that would suck.



You can just reflect for free after blocking a Vegeta-assist to get your opponent out of your face, right?

Because that does reduce its value quite a bit since it means you can’t use it to extend pressure effectively once people learn that. It’s still a top notch assist even without that, though, as it provides excellent space control and is an amazing combo extebder regardless.


Hahahhaha just benefited from the Tenshinhan bug in a ranked match. Went full Reptile on the poor guy, invisible dash up 2L.

I’m not sure I understand this one correctly, but if you mean rematching in lobbies, you can set it up so you don’t have to go back to the lobby screen. You rematch in 2 seconds really.


That’s so ironic given the post that was made above this one about an hour ago.


Not necessarily. The attacker using Vegeta assist can just change up the timing on their attack or go for a throw.


First time that SonicFox is competing in a game that actually amazing players play, so I guess we gonna see how much weight his NLBC wins hold when the first major comes around.


Well why in the hell do they not have that as default? I’m sitting here and don’t know how to do it. Another loss for their crap. Put the best options in under default shit options.

Like for instance with sf5, a really redundant thing they have after you watch a replay is that it comes up “view replay again” like how many people seriously want to view replays more than once? Like I know that some people will especially those that want to record them for their YouTube channel, but most people are going to watch a replay once and never watch it again. So the default should be to leave replay. But NOPE, they can’t be that smart I guess.

As far as Vegeta assist, I agree with sonicfox to a certain extent. Vegeta assist for lockdown isn’t THAT great because it only really allows for the point to get a iad blockstring in… but here’s the thing… many assists already do that. Not only that, but Vegeta assist lockdown for to long so after they block your iad normal, they aren’t even in a throw/low mixup situation since they will still be in blockstun. So I actually see the long lockdown as a negative in many circumstances.

The things the Vegeta assist does really well is cause a fuckload of hitstun so it’s easy to confirm off of and also it holds aerial people in place making confirms easier to do. The last thing is that because Vegeta jumps up, it’s actually got some good use as a defensive assist. So I understand why sonicfox says Vegeta isn’t THAT great. His biggest upside is his assist and in a game where assist cooldown is so big, that’s not a big upside. Then combine that with the fact that half the things the assist does, other assist can do, and a lot of times they actually do them better since they give a better mixup potential on block.


Oh so we ignoring that Vegeta has a DP, and thus a consistent answer to Super Dash in the air?


We also ignoring how 2H chain to j.2L is tight and seems to grant frame advantage on block with the right spacing?



Is there a consensus on who the best anchors are? I’ve got A.Gohan on point because he just needs that one bar to suddenly become very scary. Piccolo is my second but I’m still trying to figure out what position he best fits. As for a third: ???
I love Yamcha, but I don’t know if he’s an anchor per se.