Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


I wish we had a thread on team composition and assists. Debating on who to start off with. I bought the game two days ago, day one edition so I have SSGSS Goku and Vegeta. Haven’t popped it in yet but can’t wait to try it. Not sure how to fit in time for this game, Tekken 7 and AE.


you are free to create one.


Dammit how come nappa can do another air action after fireball? This doesn’t work with Blue goku. Still struggling to find a decent meaty setup with him. Right now I just backdash and call vegeta. People vanish on wakeup and get tagged by him lol.

Drop AE


You can do another action after ssb’s fireball. I’ve seen people combo his divekick after it. His ki blast is actually my favorite thing about him. It’s very good for approaching


But that’s cancelling the fireball. You can’t airdash like that nappa video.

But I agree his jS is amazing. Has a bit of landing recovery though you have to make sure it connects or vegeta is out.


do you guys think it would be usefull to create a list of all chars and theire best damage bnb´s without meter ect or are there to many factors to create such one?
it would be of course a group thing so everyone here would be needed to fill it up.


I could make one.

Jump > Meaty Fireball with Blue Goku is insanely plus and you can time it to cover Up, Neutral and Back tech in the corner.


There have been good threads on this forum doing that for other games. They can be fun discussions, but kind of hard to make the info applicable in actual DBFZ game-play because you’ll almost always have meter, or an assist, or spark.


“I have to go, my people needs me”


Fat Megaman returns.


And people said there was no flying in this game




Bad Box Art Megaman had a glitch that caused him to fly back in SFxT. Forgot what exactly triggered it.


I wonder what happens if you both throw tech each from an air dash.


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This would be a ssgodsend. My team is changing so often I keep having to re learn what to do meterless what to do after a vanish etc


Why doesn’t Goku have an SS2 install?



Doesnt this count as what your looking for?


I am but nappa not easy and not make sense right away

however I was always firm believer in big boy normals, which 21 has.


cause goku is a weak coward


Streaming again, more mediocre Ginyu play: