Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


I wonder what happens if you both throw tech each from an air dash.


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This would be a ssgodsend. My team is changing so often I keep having to re learn what to do meterless what to do after a vanish etc


Why doesn’t Goku have an SS2 install?



Doesnt this count as what your looking for?


I am but nappa not easy and not make sense right away

however I was always firm believer in big boy normals, which 21 has.


cause goku is a weak coward


Streaming again, more mediocre Ginyu play:


Possibly because SS2 will be a DLC character down the line?


Nappa has great ki attacks. His ground one moves him forward, and are all cancellable into his 5H, 2H, 214S and 234S. Very bait heavy character.
His aerial ki also does a little lazy plop up to hit people in the corner. I feel like his j.S and J.H are some of the best in the game for air-ground. j.H is also great for catching aerial s.dashes.


in theory yes…but practice wise you actually see there very good what happens when you do it alone.
just checked his mid screen starters ssj goku combo where he manage to get. 3720.
with some changes and for sure still not optimal i get 3745 in trainingsmode with a jump in heavy as a starter as he did in the video.
with a low medium as a starter even more.

collecting the really optimal stuff will just work as a team. just grabbing some vids from the web is helpfull too (see my dojo)
but thats not neccessary the optimal damage output you can get in these videos.


Sometimes the CPU calls a support who proceed to do a Super Move, without the main fighting character on screen actually doing one. How does one do that ?


You can cancel into a partner’s super by inputting hcf+A1/A2 or hcb+A1/A2. Can only cancel into this from your current character’s special moves. This is useful as it still only cost one bar and you tag out by doing this.


It was hilarious because he himself can trigger it without needing the opponent so he can get a life lead and then peace the fuck out for an easy timeout win.
Next level strats. The ragequits were basically guaranteed.

Slight correction, you can do it off of normals and ki attacks too, these are harder to combo from but there are ones that allow it, lots of ki attacks actually.
Only restriction on it is that you can only do it on hit. Can’t do it on block or whiff.


Well for what its worth, you know watching some of those japanese matchs, im not sure if they are aware the last hit of vegetas fireball counts as a fireball. Because there sure where a lot of instances where they could have parried for free with no risk. Maybe its not intutive to know obviously since why would all the fireballs before not be deflectable but the last is. But hey thats the way it is.

On another note another ginyu video for you guys…


Deflecting last hit of veg assist is really funny.


How do you do this exactly? Tried in training mode just now, wouldn’t work.


I guess none of my characters can off of normals then. Haha.


it literally takes no timing. you just mash it. Just have the computer do vegetas assist or him stand alone or whatever. Works with gotenks as well. It should be impossible almost to not get it by mashing.

So basically anyway just saying the japanese saw a lot of vegeta assist and then people doing block string but fact is again I showed it in my video. last hit counts as a fireball so you can then cancel strings easily. Its only somewhat better.


Better for there to be a dedicated forum. Novril and sharpie have made a forum and are trying to consolidate all that different discord’s into one place. If it gets like skull heart then it will be good. Check it out.



Beerus stuff