Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


it literally takes no timing. you just mash it. Just have the computer do vegetas assist or him stand alone or whatever. Works with gotenks as well. It should be impossible almost to not get it by mashing.

So basically anyway just saying the japanese saw a lot of vegeta assist and then people doing block string but fact is again I showed it in my video. last hit counts as a fireball so you can then cancel strings easily. Its only somewhat better.


Better for there to be a dedicated forum. Novril and sharpie have made a forum and are trying to consolidate all that different discord’s into one place. If it gets like skull heart then it will be good. Check it out.



Beerus stuff


someone can post here the chart with level 3 super damage raw and scaling with combos?

Can’t find it anymore


Wow… so this entire time I’ve thought that you couldn’t call assist during the overhead animation because I would do the overhead and hold forward… but you can’t call assists with 6. So just return the stick to neutral and call assist…LOL…


I don’t like the hold forward to tag thing at all. Creates a lot of unnecessary input issues.


This is the bane of my dbzf life. Apparently unknown to me i mostly tagged holding forward (offensive marvel tactic? Who knows.)

Its quite frustrating.

I want to dash forward call assist. Fuck you game.


You’re not deflecting the last hit of Vegeta assist. You’re able to deflect the next move no matter what it is and no matter if you are in a perfect blockstring or not. I wouldn’t mash to do that cause you’re vulnerable to low that way. You can do it with just a press of a button. Timing once you get it is pretty easy.

Remember that you are allow to reflect the next move. This means if there’s no move, you will reflect nothing and you will be wide open.




Hold down foward to call an assist while dashing.


I know its not a big deal

but i wish piccolo fought with the cape and turban on, they are dope.


Yeah, not only is it better in terms of dynamic aesthetic, but it’s a missed opportunity for an install.

In fact, installs have generally been whiffed across the board with this game for some reason (other than the obvious Blue variations being vectors for money grabbing).

I’m hoping that in the new version they consolidate a lot of the characters and make installs a bigger thing.


Yeah, they probably don’t want installs because they don’t want “safe” dhc’s
Though doesn’t frieze have an install?


So does Adult Gohan.


Thank-fucking-God, my bitching has been answered by someone. I’m spamming this shit everywhere.


Fucking hitstun decay. I just thought I had the sickest combo figured out and then the fucker just techs out of my combo.


I’m actually pretty glad ASW didn’t flood the game with dozens of Saiyan install power-ups. Letting that stuff mostly just be cinematic effects during supers was a pretty elegant way to include them.

Golden Frieza and Mystic Gohan are installs that only have to be implemented on single characters, and they don’t have to affect character balancing as much as going through all the Saiyan installs would require.


What do you guys make of this:


Theres no better point than cell rn. Also vegeta is a good assist but considering how long cooldowns are, vegeta should probably be second, with a good anti air last. AAAs will only becom more important as the meta evolves


“Good AA assist” in this game?
I mean there are some situationally useful ones, but in all honesty the overall best AA assist might actually be Vegeta’s, just because of the angle and area it covers, and how easy it is to convert from when it hits.