Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


This game doesn’t have a Ryu. Everyone is pants on head retarded. It’s great!




Quick ragequit clip from a short stream yesterday, note: my overall gameplay is no bueno, but still…

Learned some better combos today though, so hopefully when I stream again I can pull em off!


Tatsunical and nakkiel are looking like the best in the US at the moment


I can’t use hit at all


How hard can it be to hit M???


I seriously don’t understand how people can play this game online. You have to guess every interaction, guess how much input delay there will be guess where your opponent is going to be… it’s seriously fucked.

Played a cell that was mixing me up with that slow ass overhead he has… like… seriously what a joke. Couldn’t block it on reaction for shit. Why do people even bother making fighting games with input delay netcode? It’s a fucking joke. Taking the entire piss.


stop bein so australian and it helps.

As long as I got a solid connection I ain’t got no issues.

Input delay still sucks but its not unworkable.


Tell that to our goverment’s horrible excuse for broadband planning


Fuck that. Shits a joke. Just because some people can play in lag and hit combos consistently doesn’t mean much. At this point the game feels like “who’s the better player in lag” not who’s just the better player.

I remember 10-0 people offline at sf4, then lose to them 10-0 online, then we meet back up at the meetup spot a week later and I’m still beating them 8-2 or some such. There is no excuse for input delay. The metric for “good player” right now is: can you hit your combos in 3-5 frames of variable input delay? Yeah? Cool. Your a “good player”

Roll eyes.


I dont play as much as I want, but this game is mad annoying. When I’m getting hit, I can’t tell if the motherfucker was mashing or had a strategy, especially when they do a half mash, half manual combo. Are they blindly fishing for hits, then go autopilot or what? It’s even more irritating that against those kind of people, wake up LV3 hits 100%, I get beat out when I try to approach smartly, and I easily beat other people that try to play the same, but mashers, if you try to apporach, your whiffed limb just get hit with LLL. When I kind of say fuck it and turn brain off and spam lights, it works. That is why they need to change the online system. I don’t want people giving me bad habits, I don’t care if the game enables them to do some okay things easily, I don’t want to fight that style of person, as that style wont be used in a real match, and I’m sure once I actually play the game, it wont work as well on me anyway.

Also, this game I feel just may not suit my style. In games with more mobility and firepower, I like some amount of keepway. That dash AND the fact that the jump height is so low, your opponent is often smacked above where you can even jump. This plus that super dash, means you can’t even get a ‘reset’ to start keepaway. And really, with the way a lot of the fireballs mess combos up, keepaway is limited to a 5 beam wave on wakeup if you have the right characters with each other. Without an AA attack or assist they can dash to the top of your head, and if comes straight down, or nearly straight down, no fireball is going to work, AND I have seen it be an ambiguous hit.


I bitched a lot about SFV’s netcode and while MvCi’s wasn’t as bad, I still bitched about it.
After playing this online I retract my previous bitching and simply ask that this game stop lying to me. I played Blazblue against people in Japan (From UK) with 8 frames of delay that felt better than the 2 frames that this game is trying to convince me of.


Yeah I have no problems blocking and I live in banana land.

Except for dragon rushes, I can’t tech that for the life of me unless I was already mashing something.

You really gotta change that mentality man. Something only “doesn’t work” in a “real match” if you don’t let it work. It gets boring to beat people that do the same shit over and over again, but in a ranked match or tournament in gotta instantly recognize he’s a stupid dude and just let him hang himself. Seriously, if you’re losing to autocombos that do 3k damage or random lvl 3 supers that let you regenerate full life you’re not as good as you take yourself for.

Just a classic example of someone who is too self centered to adapt


BRO! Tell me about it. I literally practice this game in training with… I swear to god, 6 frames of delay. I played some online matches when I first started and couldn’t do anything so I switched my training to 2… but then played some more online matches and still couldn’t do anything. Then I decided to just keep increasing the delay till it felt decently underwater. That was at about 6 delay. So I get my combos down in 6 delay. Go back online… play my old SG homie as usual, we always pla new games together and learn them. And once again it fluctuated between 3-5 frames as far as the counter is concerned… but yep, still couldn’t do any of my ground chains… air strings seemed fine but ground strings were a total bust…, and of course can’t react to shit either.

This coming from SG where I used to play games against the best Koreans at +400 ping with 4 frames of delay and my fastest normal being 11 frames startup… THAT felt WAY better than this game.

TLDR… the online frame calculator lies.


Stick to players within your region that you know have a good connection and avoid shitty ass Ranked.

The game is fine in consistent 1f or 2f delay.


Peeps be saying “game is fine” about the online when it’s obviously not. This shit still happens to people on good 5 bar connections. I’ve played 5 bar 2f connections where I couldn’t even mash out auto combos because they would either come out too slow or the input would drop completely.

Plus you know the game’s online is busted when it completely ignores your search settings and the match making seems to be all over the place.


Well I’m not delusional, and understand that this game’s online package is broken at the core. That’s 100% why I said stick to players you know. I can’t remember a game with 2f delay that was unplayable, it usually at least fluctuates really badly, but again I don’t play Ranked and haven’t since like Day 2.


Why do you still bother? for whatever reason every time the online issues in this game are brought up an absurd amount of people defend it.
I’ve switched to Steam fully at this point coz I got sick of having to restart my PS4 every time I want to enter a Ring match, and no the other methods like closing the game and all that don’t work. Hell even the PS4 restart doesn’t work sometimes.
But even on Steam I cannot play a person that’s an hour away from me unless I switch my region (probably not an issue in the US but still).

Honestly if I didn’t play this game offline in gatherings I would’ve definitely dropped it by now coz the online is just an unpleasant experience all around. What’s worse is that there’s been no word of a fix or anything or the sort, or am I missing something?


Did the maintenance fix anything last night? Would like to play some ring matches at some point


My problems at the moment are finding matches and random disconnections from the lobby (usually the more populated ones) i swear it has gotten worse than the release days. But matches are usually quite smooth and between 2/3 frames