Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


I want to see an Assist Type Character or something that fight in teams(captain commando) or fight in pair.

Ginew Forces as one character fights like Captain commando or doronjo in TVC

Tien with Chaozu

Android 18 with 17

Goku Black with Zamasu that has a fused super to final form.

Nappa summoning saibamen like MVC2 Jill and Tron

Agree, could even be the whole team especially in the art direction. seeing those normal attack base from manga seems like this guys working with it knows what they are doing not just professionally but also from the lore itself. It’s like they are faithful to franchise and the designs.

Not every god in different mythology has the omnipresent and omnipotence traits. In greek mythology divine beings are just known directly as a god. while in eastern mythology any being with divinity status is also a god but in modern times days as new words and terminology emerge they are known as deities not different or separate terminology to a god that is believed to provide them knowledge, prosperity, protection, maturity or any idea of betterment in return by doing something in favor of that being by displaying an object or wearing something like eastern practices of feng shui. We all know Goku is loosely based and inspired to the monkey king… the journey to the west literature.

Capcom’s new mechanic… Not my thing



This mechanic could work with the like of Dragon ball because of the huge variety of mobility choices and projectile options for every individual character, but the current DBZF parry and game mechanics is better already and very much fitting for it’s game and lore.


She seems real and understands what they’re advertising too.

I’ve seen many games that get shown off as true fighters for them not to represent a traditional fighter on release, or they always get simplified for ease of access. Her saying this is a game to fighting game players in-particular just seems kinda genuine to me. Bamco had no reason to put this game into circulation because of Xenoverse sales doing quite well, but considering the hype this game got amongst a bunch of other closely released fighting games I can bet whoever the higher ups may be are currently celebrating the living fuck outta this debut.

God bless this woman, she seemed really grounded.


Well to be fair there is still auto combos and QCF motions only. I am still kinda worried about that and if it wasn’t ASW behind it I would be super worried.


Well, that wasn’t a problem for P4A.


wish the current characters had a bigger movelist


Zamasu with Black in SSJRose that fight as a pair in one character slot is okay since Zamasu isn’t better or stronger than Vegeta and Goku. Zamasu without Black Goku is weak because he is just an immortal that’s why he has staying power to keep up with Goku and Vegeta.

Pair/ 2 in 1 characters are interesting for the two.

Then had them had a fusion form in level 3 like Freeza having Golden Freeza.


Why should this form not be selectable? because this form didn’t even last long because it was replace by the monstrosity form which is another form that didn’t stay long also.

But I believe this form should be accessed like Freeza’s Golden form and not the monstrosity form.

Black destroying future trunks alternate world was weaker than the current DBS Goku. Zamasu being Black without SSJR was unfamiliar with his capabilities and just starting to learn from every encounter he has with Goku that gradually reveals the potential and abilities in the body(Goku’s Body) he had stolen.

Zamasu and Super Saiyan Rose side by side fighting together as a pair was the climax of that saga were they both also shine individually in fighting prowess in fact better than their earlier separate encounter with the Z fighters and future trunks that is more about mystery and holding back. So I don’t think Vanilla Black and Zamasu need to be an individual character and Goku Black should be always in SSJR form in the game along with Zamasu as an assist that goes along to blend and empowers SSJR Black’s special and super attacks.


3-5 special moves, command normals, and 2-4 supers seems like normal?


It’s about the same. Complete bs with no respect for the original. GT had one semi-decent arc with the corrupted Dragon balls, even though some of it was badly executed. Granted Super, isn’t over yet and might pull off something decent for the final arc but I doubt it. The main reason why GT > Super though, are the villains and especially their designs. Baby was actually a cool villain all around. The design on Super android 17 is just badass. You see what they did here? An actual redesign that looks much better, while still reminiscent of the past character. If Super Android 17 was a Super arc, you’d have android 17 and his hair colored green. 10/10 design. Omega Shenron looks amazing too.

What has Super given us? A copy-paste Goku in black clothes with Pink hair? If you’d say this as an idea for the villain design before Super was a thing you’d get laughed and yelled at. Nowadays it’s cool and amazing apparently. A recolored Freeza? Granted golden Freeza doesn’t look bad at all, but this recoloring shit is lazy, uninspired and devoid of any creativity. Hit is the only one who looks decent. And he feels like a discount member of the Freeza family.


Can’t get over how much Super looks like a fan animation


It does look pretty damn bad.


He died for our sins and resurrected, he qualifies.


Is the original dragon ball on blu ray? I can’t find it.


Bardock better be in.


ArcSys doing amazing work http://kotaku.com/dragon-ball-fighterz-compared-to-the-manga-1796158753


He asks a lot of retarded questions; But in the middle of all this, she says they have a robust solo mode being designed and that they do not exclude GT,Super or the original dragon ball for characters despite the “Z” in the title.
Also as expected they plan to tease the characters until the release of the game.


Gt may have Super 17 and the SSJ4 and Baby Vegeta doesn’t look too bad but GT is fucking ass man. I mean Super up until the current arc lacks impact but I at least really liked Goku Black. GT is straight ass. GT rides Goku harder than DB, Z, or Super ever did. All the fights are ass. The music blows. Yeah, it looks better than Super but GT is straight ass.


Can some one please put Capcom on Krilin forehead and ArcSys on Goku? Maybe on their shirt will work to :smiley:


Again, Super gets much better later on. Here’s what the show tends to look like, now-a-days.


And this last one is from last week. THIS is how you do a Gold Freeza transformation.


(Many thanks to a fellow fan on GAF for compiling/making these.)


I never into DB… and I started at DBZ were the seriousness and threatening feels of villains is what I miss with Super. Agree that GT had better design in some villains and still have the villain feels of DBZ yet I never like how the story progress. I like the return of the tournament vibe in Super but the sudden change of dumbing down Goku and comedic situation of Vegeta is not my preference I still like them more in GT because it’s like Goku just acting dumb not really dumb.


@The_Shakunetsu no you did not whip out slap happy rhythm busters on everyone. my nigga. :tup:

btw, i wonder if wishing for shit with the dragon balls will be in the game.
i’m wishing for bulma’s panties.
you know it.