Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


I’d like to have an adult Gohan, but I won’t be mad if he doesn’t make it. Teen Gohan is the most stone-cold badass version, anyway. Adult Gohan gets too cocky. He and daddy Piccolo just need an interesting third to round out my team.


Here’s how it looks in Super DBZ:

It was pretty difficult landing that in an actual match.

Interested in seeing how it’ll look in DBFZ.


There won’t be ANY clones. The game is being made to satisfy every generation of DB fan, so original characters will be the ones that will make the cut. The fanboyism has blinded some people to the point they’ve lost sight of the ultimate goal: A mainstay at Evolution.

That clone nonsense would be the equivalent of this:

You’ve already seen Frieza transform. Why in the world would they separate forms in this competitive (non-Xenoverse) game all of a sudden?


I’m gonna laugh when SSJB is a different character


Because they already said that transformations aren’t a shared mechanic.
You are also willingly blind if you fail to see that it is really easy for them to make SSJBs and SSJ4s their own unique characters gameplay wise only sharing being the same character story wise.
Being the same story character =/= being clones move set wise.
We have Sol and Order Sol to prove it.

The fact that this game is still being made with fans in mind already tells you that those forms will more than likely be present as separate characters.
The faster all naysayers accept it the less mad they will be once they are revealed.

This is still a DBZ game, one of thier focus is still making a game to sell to the fanbase.


If I want a different character of another version that would be Vegeta in Baby form and Goku in SSJ4.


Used to imagine kaioken when Ryu does Xfactor in UMVC3… Now with SSJB it’s like hado kakusei…

I like what UMVC3 does to Ryu with hadu kakusei that alters his supers to be stronger version not by damage could be just by range.


So SSJB can be something that permanently alters to Goku and Vegeta super moves with better enhanced versions like Hado kakusei does to Ryu in UMVC3 that alters his supers.

How about Kaoiken? Here during SSJB form Goku’s Meteor Smash is altered rather than seeing SSJ3 we see SSJB with Kaioken instead.


The main reason for clones is the fact that it’s a 3v3 Fighter. The roster NEEDS bodies and ArcSys doesn’t usually do a huge roster right out of the gate. Requested clones are the easiest way to get it done without ruffling too many feathers.


I mean I get that but we really don’t need fifteen versions of each character in this game, just to fill out the roster. There’s Xenoverse for that already


I can already tell that Piccolo is going to be fun as hell to play on this game. Especially when they tap into his Dhalsim mixed with Apache Chief shit hahahahaha.


Stop overexaggerating like you usually do. Literally just 2-3 clones adds a bunch more team compositions to the game and that is immensely important.


But when’s Nail? B)


Hopefully they add a ssj2 transformation to Goku, I just really love the visual of ssj2 over 1…buuuut I do have gohan


ehm, if we have like 20-25 characters, we’re gonna have thousands of combinations for a 3-man team. no need for more “bodies”


That’s an actual if.

I’ll say this much though. If ASW didn’t want to open Pandora’s Box about the possibility of clones and Super things, they should’ve never made Golden Frieza an Install when 100% Final Form is pretty much the exact same thing in the scope of being a limited use powerup that leaves Frieza exhausted after use.



As for choosing clone they have done recently fine by selecting the most memorable and prominent form like keeping SSJ3 as part of the super. So Gotenks and Trunks seems okay. Rose, Baby Vegeta seems okay but no Majin Vegeta, Black, Zamasu.

I think it is okay to see an** amalgam** Gohan from Future, Mystic and Great Sayaiman.

It is tolerable in DB games even the early DB arcade games have exclusive villains like Ozotto.

Since we had seen a lot of in game transformation in that never appeared in manga and anime

A power up to Kamehameha in SSJB



Watch them put Great Sayaman in (that would be sick)


Arcsys releases updates to their games so whoever isn’t in at launch has a chance to get in eventually, even clones I think


In wanna play ad guru! B)


arcsys also put out a call for artist contractors earlier this year, they are obviously ramping up the amount of people they have working on models and they’ve also got faster at their process after a couple of years working on it.

both factors lessen the need for clones.

only character i want multiple versions of is Gohan.