Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


Maybe it’s just me but i think Krillin, Tien and Roshi are almost no-brainers when talking about a realistic roster for DBFZ. Recognizable, “safe” choice regarding popularity, have unique attacks and aesthetics. Compared to Goku Black, Zamasu and who the fuck is this Janemba that people keep mentioning.

Tien, Krillin and Roshi are characters, especially Roshi that ASW can get really creative with. I personally don’t care much for DB Super, i found the show, especially the beginning one of the worst anime i’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. Only now that the tournament is coming up it becomes somewhat interesting but i still think the entire premise of it is just … dumb. From what i remember i think i also vastly prefer GT to Super. I’ll keep watching Super mainly because of nostalgia though.

Adding Super characters is fine to appeal to the current DB crowd but i hope they keep it to the absolute minimum or simply regard any Super character to DLC.


Janemba is from the Fusion Reborn movie. One of the more interesting villains, despite the fact that he doesn’t say anything.

If you don’t know him, you don’t know Gogeta either. That’s a damn shame.


I know Gogeta from watching GT though :frowning:


Mystic Gohan
Ssb goku

One of the androids
Another bad guy from the buu arc

These are characters that I think have a good chance of getting in.

I’m probably completely wrong like I was for the sfv initial roster though lol


That’s ssj4 gotta, the original gogeta is from that movie all of it is non cannon



I’m not saying them as an individual character but rather an in game mechanic like pandora mode in SFXtekken but with condition of having Vegeta and Goku because it can only be access by keeping both Goku and Vegeta alive in the team. Without any damage and speed buff other than changing character models to either Vegito or Gogeta depending who is the active character from the two required in play field then being rewarded by restoring a 100% vitality with 1 level gauge refill to super meter as a trade for sacrificing another reserve character and consuming 5 or 3 level. No expiry.

So if Goku is the active character in the play field he turns into Gogeta with 100% full life meter but sacrifice of the reserve tag out Vegeta in return as a part of the cost then if Vegeta is the active character in the play field instead he turns into Vegito with 100% full life meter but sacrifice of the reserve tag out Goku in return as a part of the cost.

No damage buffs, speed buffs and with special move retained other than an interesting “comeback mechanic” for having both Goku and Vegeta alive and part of your team but it needs to be carefully strategize because of the consequence and trade off. Why? It’s like 3/5 level and sacrifice a reserve/tag out character for a 1 level and full health tag in character. The design seems not going to broken at any means.


Roshi with original evil containment wave as a level 5 salivates


If Oolong isn’t playable we riot right?


Final form Janemba is my fav movie villain. Hope he makes it in


Fuck, the pre order link is sending me to their clothing and stuff website.


Man I pre-ordered this shit on Amazon last week 'cause I want a digital copy and I have no self control…I betta still get a beta code…

Also, how strong you guys think the Vanish mechanic will be meta wise?


It’s going to make keep away impossible.


Doesn’t it cost a bar and you get minimal damage? Could probably combo it into an assist.

Can probably also counter it with an assist when you hear the sound, kind of like counter assist calling in mvc3.

Not sure how it works exactly, but it i don’t think it will be that bad.


Here’s an idea - Garlic Jr. with the Super Garlic transformation. Regular Garlic is an agile but weak fighter, playing the “hit and run” game, until he gets enough Meter to go big

Super Garlic will be slower, but with more reach, heavier attacks, and super armour on key normals to counter zoning game. That fills out two archetypes and brings another big body character in addition to somebody like Belly

Would be cool if he could have a Deadzone super or a special that pulls you in from afar, like Faust’s black hole item or Tager’s magnetism shenanigans


Umm why do people think that characters like ginyu or radditz are important enough to be included in the game over other characters? what is the logic behind this because I dont see it other than that they like them.

I also disagree with this whole idea of I like this character so they could make them unique more so than this other more established character. I mean most the cast in DBZ fight in a similar manner but they each have 2, 3, maybe 5 “special signature moves” whatever, other than that they are similar. Its not different than a lot of these characters who people say they like that I see. The difference is they “LIKE” their signature move more so than another character. Like people talking how radditz should be in the game. Like wtf why, how is he unique? what is his difference other than he has some different special moves just like everyone else? Do people really want a game with a bunch of random people like babadi, chi chi, bulma, videl etc all fighting in some bizarre “made” up manner over other characters?

If you are getting paid to make a video game you should be able to make the established characters unique and do different things with their moves to make it fun. Thats what you are being paid for. its not rocket science. Just like I dont give a fuck about gogeta or janemba, but respecting the fact that people like them, they are essentially iconic and important characters to many fans, if one is in the other should be in. So the arguement no gogeta if vegito is in it. Why not? The developers should be able to use some brain power and make them different. One of vegitos classic lines is he said I only need my feet to beat you. ok, make him fight with almost only kicks, make him have some wacky long range sword slashingish moves with his spirit sword. Gogeta give him some weird little rainbow sparkles on his attacks, make him wacky somehow with that.

Hell obviously its not like this, but lets even take the kamehameha vs final flash. Essentially a similar move but different in dbz world. But for a fighting game they could have had something like kamehameha is faster more versatile, but say vegetas final flash, maybe they coulda let him charge it up, and just like in the anime, how he has like lighting around him destroy stuff, maybe while hes charging he has a random hit box that comes out of him from the lighting effects, but its slower than kamehameha blah blah. Lots of stuff you could have done to make them more different.

Point is, I dunno why people are posting about wanting some of the random characters they are saying, when I dont see how they are really that much more unique than any other established character fighting wise. Unless you want to go the bizarre route of having a bunch of random shit liek babadi, chi chi etc


If Super #13 is in, we all know what his Lvl3 would be. No, not the S. S Deadly Bomber.

The Nutcracker. Lvl3 command grab. Does a lot of damage and decreases their speed for the remainder of the match. Kicks also get a damage reduction. Status effects.


“random” people like “chi chi” and “bulma” and “videl”

good thing you listed babadi in there, otherwise it’d be apparent where your real beef was


Gearing up for the future DBFZ tournaments



Yeah why have random characters like those instead of yet more SSJs.

Ginyu can work as a Commando character with his whole squad. People mentioned the idea of Bulma fighting with gadgets and stuff, which would be pretty unique. Design variety is also a thing, too.


I would be happy to have Dragonball-era Goku and ChiChi team up as one character Ice Climbers style, but that’s a definite pipe dream. The only other “clone” I really want is kid Gohan with monkey tail. He’s so damned adorable, and he could change into a great ape to mix things up.