Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


“random” people like “chi chi” and “bulma” and “videl”

good thing you listed babadi in there, otherwise it’d be apparent where your real beef was


Gearing up for the future DBFZ tournaments



Yeah why have random characters like those instead of yet more SSJs.

Ginyu can work as a Commando character with his whole squad. People mentioned the idea of Bulma fighting with gadgets and stuff, which would be pretty unique. Design variety is also a thing, too.


I would be happy to have Dragonball-era Goku and ChiChi team up as one character Ice Climbers style, but that’s a definite pipe dream. The only other “clone” I really want is kid Gohan with monkey tail. He’s so damned adorable, and he could change into a great ape to mix things up.


Ginyu’s body switch is a pretty fun gimmick anyway.


Ginyu had been a recurring character and a memorable for what he had been or had done to Goku

Arcys had already done before with Ginew and I think that would work also.

He is can be a comic relief to the game other than fat buu could because he also could compromised with the game mechanics that requires instant speed and hover flight.

Agree with chi chi and videl I know those people thought was to compromised with character diversity by gender.

Dabura with stone like abilities is unique in the DBZ franchised and he can have Babibi appeared in his super or a special move.


Because theyre the main characters of the series and thats who people want to play duh. I already mentioned before we dont need a 100 characters, but inevitably theres only so many characters that actually DO anything in dragon ball in the first place so of course theres gonna probably be a few characters that have different versions of themselves. I mean look at ginyu, I dont care if people like him because hes their favorite character. But is he really that much more unique than some other character to another? In the real manga with out even looking at it, does ginyu even have a “special” move fireball or a signature attack? I dont even recall it off hand. He just shows up, trade some punchs, goku charges up, he gets scared and switchs bodies. He himself HAS no move. Think about it, so people want ginyu… just so he can then use a special move to switch bodies… to become the character… you didnt want to play as, because you wanted a unique character… …

Think about that logic. Sure its different then I guess another character, but ginyu HIMSELF is not some amazingly unique character compared to other characters.

Sure you could give bulma fighting in a robot suit, you could have characters with tag characters, but think about it… you are making shit up for them to make them more interesting. YOU COULD since you are being paid… PAID to make a video game in the first place, make up shit for MAIN characters and use that creativity for these established characters to make them interesting since thats why people started watching it in the first place. Save the novelty characters for after established characters are fleshed out and put in the game.

I mean again I dont care about gogeta, I dont care about janemba they do nothing for me, but they are iconic characters. If we think about it, gogeta doesnt shoot a single fireball when he appears for all of 2 mins in the movie. So if you wanted to, you could probably make him have NO fireballs whatsoever. Just make him a straight up brawler fighting with rainbow shit sparkles all over. Im not saying thats some great idea, cuz he should have fireballs. But point is, they are are being paid to make a game, you should be able to come up with cool/different ideas for characters that people want to play as.


was this posted?

-Not all assists will be straight attacks. That might mean something like healing or more defensive type assists.
-Mercanary Tao will not be in the game.
-More than likely won’t be specific team attacks or abilities. But characters do call each others names when tagging out like Marvel 3
-Each character has different supporting skills. Maybe I read wrong but the possibility of selecting assists might be included.
-Might have Super characters revealed at a later time.


So they are taking power levels into account. Hoped they didn’t, it will limit characters to certain functions by design.


Damn first disapointement, that is retarded.


I’m not really taking that comment with more than a grain of salt. I think it would be enough to say “well alright this character is focused on support” rather than “nope ain’t gonna have these 43 characters in the game because none of them can step.”


The calling out each other’s names is a nice touch. Glad that’s in.


I don’t like the weak characters in DB anyways, never did, you have dude capable of blowing planets and shit and you’re going to like Krilin who is always a victim, makes no sense to me.

But still that power level stuff doesn’t sound like something a competitive game would do.


My only dissapointment for now.


Yeah, really. This is a fighting game. The only ones who’d be offended by Videl beating the shit outta Cell or Chaozu blowing Beers to pieces are weirdos obsessed with their shitty power levels.

I really hope it was just an off-hand remark on the question.


Is like you people can’t read what it is said behind the pr-talk, smfh.
Think about it, if their purpose is to make a competitive fighting game, making characters useless because porwer levels will be dumb.

All they are saying that some characters will have weakness that can be covered by the 3vs 3 dynamic, and that maybe a char wouldn’t be appealing on their own but they can offer something of value to your strategy with their assists and team synergy.


Think about it from the gameplay perspective.
A “Weak” character will have poor mobility options, or not the most damaging solo combos.
Perhaps its energy attacks wouldn’t cover enough space or would have specific areas that they cover. Like an energy blast that only goes upwards for example. Or energy spheres that stay in one place.
This tools by their own would be “weak” but as assists for example, will help cover blind spaces for other characters.

Common people, i would assume this is not the 1st game you are following from its announcement.

The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

Yup. “We are making this for the fans of DBZ and fighters. We obviously don’t want shit to be crazy unbalanced so that the main character is garbage tier. But if we’re doing our job right it won’t be crazy unbalanced anyhow, so let’s just say we’re respecting the lore.”

But if I misinterpreted that, let me know!


Sounds logical and I hope you’re right. But I mean if I kinda respect the lore, Yamcha is just straight up useless as a fighter or assist. Maybe they don’t put him in at all then.

At least Krillin, I can see some good assist stuff.

The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

Think about it from the gameplay perspective.
A “Weak” character will have poor mobility options, or not the most damaging solo combos.
Perhaps its energy attacks wouldn’t cover enough space or would have specific areas that they cover. Like an energy blast that only goes upwards for example. Or energy spheres that stay in one place.
This tools by their own would be “weak” but as assists for example, will help cover blind spaces for other characters.

Lets say Guldo makes it in, for the sake of an example.
His low power level can be translated via poor mobility, a not so good homing dash and even maybe the innability to teleport behind his oponents via 1 bar.
But at the same time they give him a speciallized tool set that involves inmobilizing his oponents, like he did in the anime.

Or Videl, she wouldn’t be able to throw around any kind of energy attack, and while she could have a good homing dash, she can’t also teleport behind the oponent.

Part of the reason of making 3vs3 like marvel, si that you can have characters that have weakness but you can cover them with the assists that other chars have.
Or that you can also strenght their srong points with assists that complement them.

The way i see it, this pr talk means that strong chars like the 6 revealed will have more rounded move sets while the “weaker” will be more specialized.

It is the same that was with MVC2 and MVC3.

If Yamcha made it in, he could have an interesting assists with his Sokidan if it weren’t a super.

Think of it like Millia’s Secret Garden, where the energy ball moves around the stage, or that it moves torwards the oponent following him around.

The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

Yeah, I don’t think most franchise fighters really respect power levels to any degree. That’s like basically admitting that half your roster was intended to be useless. Stuff like MvC3, there’s not even an attempt to accurately portray characters’ power. I don’t know a ton about Street Fighter lore, but I doubt Ryu or Chun Li would really have what it takes to stand up to a sun goddess, or an omega level mutant. Same with Smash Bros, where Peach and Ice Climbers are going up against Ganondorf and Bowser. It’s just dumb to think any respectable fighting dev would aim for that, and it’d be equally dumb for them to essentially deny excessive amounts of fanservice by not including fan-favorite characters because they don’t have a high enough power level.