Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition

I’m more thinking Yamcha would just be part of the story mode over being playable character…

I don’t think Yamcha is plot-relevant enough to warrant the effort for getting him only in Story. Unless he jobs with the quickness like in the Android Saga, but even then, he can be reduced to a footnote.

We’re definitely getting him playable.

I wouldn’t say that. If they’re building a legitimate story he may be in it.

I dont see what someone doing a voice for someone as meaning they are auto in it. Especially when its yamacha, i mean hes done less in the series then even tien and tien still hasnt even been announced. At least krillin although useless comes in does a destructo disc spot to get a cheap pop in the story and bangs some cyber pussy. And look at what they said when designing krillin since hes weaker they wanted to make him more wacky with lots of different things. But at least throwing senzu beans kinda makes senses and is “fun”, since krillin is still on the battle field and that happens. Where as yamacha would be the one eating the senzu beans before he even gets to start…

Although watch him actually be in the game, and one of his moves is a self sacrifice… If you are being comboed you can hold down yamachas assist button and he will come in and eat the combo for you. Might be kinda neat actually. Or better yet, watch it be like that the first tenkaichi game where because rush attacks were so powerful any character had a rush super was automatically better than everyone else and his took very little to do so he pretty much could win for free vs most the cast.

As for the piccolo tagging out after putting out homing fireball I think see that being a legit strat. Would be interesting to see if its programed so if just the opponent is touched at any time the fireballs go away, or if its only piccolo himself. Even whats more maybe if there is even say a buggy situation where throw outa couple homing fireballs, and then if you switch out they can no longer be deflected anymore as well.

Speaking of piccolo since his super as it is now is the only super that doesnt freeze the game till he does it, i wonder if you can DHC the special beam cannon before it even comes out? Or if you do that does he keep auto charging it automatically till max? Of course sadly looks like its not unblockable anyway but still potentially some strange situations if it works out that way.

Did anyone post this?

4chan also has a DBFZ leak. Take it as you will

“Android 17 with 18”

Ice climbers confirmed? I’d like chain stomp grabs.

I’m not taking this too seriously, but 27 characters for base roster is a relatively good bet, base characters being up to Black’s Arc is a safe bet and Mira and Towa could make an appearance. (Because Arc Sys needs female bosses in their good games)

So, taking 27 characters into consideration and having it up to FT Arc without DLC (Which will cover ToP for sure at the very least.) which roster would you expect?

Yamcha for narrator in training mode/mission mode where he keeps talking about how he’s sure that he’s going to be playable as a DLC character (similar to how he thought he was going to be in the team for the Universe Survival Arc).

Obvious but DBZ will be at TGS:


I have a feeling we should have some more announcements at the event.
Google Translate:
Fighters’ trial table will be exhibited in Japan at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 to be held on 9 / 21-24! The stage is also decided for public day! Http://dba.bn-ent.net/special/tgs.html … # PS4 # XboxOne # DBFZ

It’s Japan, they are going to reveal the real best girl, Cauliflower, possibly also Hit if Super is big there.

Otherwise, more safe bets like Gotenks and Kid Buu.

Guessing the Blues as KOF EX characters and Towa as a female rep is easy considering the lack of options if we go by “powerlevel options”. Arale is my wishlist but I can see Pan and Caulifla easily making it.

As for TGS, watch be just Broly. He’s huge in Japan. Maybe we get more “movie characters” thematic trailer like the Androids reveal?

Yamcha will be “the Jubei” of this series.

So 21 characters and 6 “Gokus”, gotcha.


best leak yet, should be confirmed as true or not by the next V Jump

Think I finally got through all the videos that came out last week… only other things I saw noticed worth potentially mentioned… 18s 17 assist where he comes out and does the overhead… is… not a overhead 0_o I saw it blocked low. Weird…

Also apparently there must be a bug where trunks freeza kill slash does not finish the whole animation as I saw it hit close to the ground and the opponent just popped up out of no where , and the animation did not start. However the trunks player did throw immediately so either a bug where if it hits to low to the ground the move doesnt come out? Or perhaps even if it hits to low to the ground you can accidently cancel it into something else before the animation comes out?

Guys I work at dragonball, here is a leak of the boxart. As you can see the rumors are true that Yamcha will be featured.

I think that’s fake, game’s not PS4 exclusive. Pretty good fake, though.

Is it bad that I want Ryu in the classic Yamcha pose?
It could work for SFV, MvCI and his tier in SFV.

I was wonder where Vegeta’s galick gun was? Good to see it in. Always liked it more then final flash.

Damn this game makes the blues look even cool. Step it up Toei.

Cool now we gonna get silver goku God as another character