Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


I could hear the DLC trailer for an instant there. UI Goku will be so sick in DBFZ.


I am wondering how they will implement his high reflex in gameplay, maybe some kind of parry?, or maybe some kind of feints a la slayer?


So, how much time does it usually take, until we get the high resolution images from the Jump reveal?
Looking forward to the hi-res screenshot about the arcade mode for obvious reasons…


I know I like him thanks to DBZ Abridged. It bumped him from meh character to one of my favorites.
From what I saw he plants them and they do their own thing, think Jack-O minions, Gargos’ demons, Ivy’s Yoshi. On the other hand it could like how 18 summons 17 but with way more startup.


Goku skating across beam supers as a Dr Strange style projectile parry would be pretty amazing.


Well I dont think people need to wonder much about ultra instinct goku blah blah etc because they just came out, and didnt the developers even say the game takes place around the goku black arc anyway so there should be no reason to assume they are in the game what so ever.


Hopefully kid Buu and Piccolo long limbs gameplay don’t mirror


commercial shown during super last night.


Still can’t get over how bad that boxart is.


Just want to play some Trunks :’)


Who buys boxes anymore?

I haven’t seen a game box since like 2009.


It’s not the worst thing ever, but yeah, it could be a lot better.


Do you guys think we’ll see a new trailer before PSX?


I thought that Bandai Namco wasn’t part of the developers on the PSX event


So I guess the zombie lookin dudes in the single player trailers are actually all clones.


I’m sure we’ll see a trailer before PSX.


Dragon Ball FighterZ: Attack of the Clones


It can go two ways…

The NESTS Saga, or the Spider-man Clone Saga.


Since Gotenks’ Ghosts are an attack, I wonder if they will imediately explode when you try to deflect them…

It could actually be amazing for setups if it’s a super that lasts a relatively long time.