Dragon Ball FighterZ: Legendary Saiyans Edition


Meh~ where do you even look at twitter though? I have browsed a few supposedly “informed” people about this game and I was disappointed. Unless itis just so scattered and not reasonable to look up. Which would then tell me its not the most plausible thing to have a real conversation if its that hard to find.


Just check the hashtags. That’s as far as you can get in this day and age.


Twitter and Discord are mines of unreliable info, yet somehow, they’re just killing whole forums.

I really don’t understand people. All the information and discussion organized in a single place, with some even having great, in-depth wikis with all the base information you could possibly wish for.

But noooooo, Twitter is #lit.



Twitter is about the “me me me” generation. They post there instead to get their followers and feel important. Hence you get misinformation. People are quick to post there for that follow.


Twitter is also the first place a lot of new actual information is distributed, so you really just need to be aware of who’s reputable and who’s just farming for retweets.


Well when im talking about conversation im talking about actual gameplay stuff, strategies etc. If I was thinking about when do new games get released etc I never thought of SRK as the go to place even back in the day. All I know is I have checked twitter, discord, reddit etc for actual gameplay stuff, and I actually see them saying stuff like SRK does not have any conversation about this game just recently while posting false stuff. I just saw a thread there recently looking at it now saying SRK has not had info about stuff in the game works, and yet they have had it… and then post false stuff. rolls eyes


I’m still thinking about the control layout because of what you guys were telling me awhile back a few pages ago on your control layout.

S A1 A2

is what I’ve been thinking still


Think thats what I’ll do too.



L M A1
S H A2

Because there are a bunch of 2 button presses that this makes easier: dragon rush (L+M), super dash (S+H), ki charge (L+S), vanish (M+H). Also Mahvel.


Behead those who use twitter and discord instead of forums


People are lazy and twitter is the internet form of lazy communication so they go hand in hand.



marketing done right


We need to make sure that doesn’t happen to DBFZ.

Oh yeah, to anyone interested ( go to 20:36) : https://youtu.be/zUlPLJ9o-Cc?t=20m36s


The arc system works NA doing esports is a big maybe

It highly depends on who is employed to work in the branch. If it’s people who actually came about the franchises ASW has - Then maybe we’ll see something bigger than Burst League or ArcRevo



bruh these trailers are so short


Yeah, 10 seconds of the character intro, 5 of the characters clashing, like 5 seconds of gameplay, then 20 of preorder now.


They’re short and mostly tell you nothing, but if you follow Bamco on twitter they love patting themselves on the back for such lackluster trailers.

It’s like watching “behind the scenes” vignettes of a game that is lambasted for the specific part of the behind the scenes they pat themselves on the back for, like the DmC credits roll highlighting the concept art when its the artistic direction that got blasted the most.


i need one more short villian to make my team “Evil Midgets” come to life.


Garlic Jr?