Dragon Ball XENOVERSE revolutionizes Dragon Ball fighting games + there is DBO Character Creation


Gameplay and feature wise, Dimps is looking to learn from and combine the best elements from the top Dragon Ball game creators;
(Dimps, Spike, Artdink and NTL inc.)

Dimps is known for deeper fighting mechanics
Spike is known for pioneering 3D open battlefield combat that is authentic to DBZ fighting.
Artdink is known for exploring the team vs team DBZ brawls in 3D with groups of 4 or more in real time, as well as unique cooperative team strategies.
and NTL inc. is known for making the first professional Dragon Ball mmorpg that provides a open world community and the deepest character creation in the whole franchise.

Now Dimps is linking the universe of Dragon Ball Online and perhaps other universes to innovate the DBZ story in more creative ways.

This might actually be the Skyrim of Dragon Ball games. (of course not as complex as Bethesda games, but much deeper and more personalized than
other Dragon Ball games. With an adventure that is more immersive and customizable than other fighting games. )

UT had character creation, but no where near this level, plus it looks like there will be more than 3 races to play as.

Overall the current gameplay demos shouldn’t be fully critiqued until Dimps develop things further, but if people think DBZ can’t reinvent itself,
Xenoverse will give them a wake up call. :slight_smile: This is also gonna be the most personalized campaign story experience ever!! And online social community wise,
this could be the PSO of Dragon Ball games (with more emphasis on pve/pvp instead of loot/leveling, but there’s likely gonna be loot and leveling of some kind.)

(and the critics that will scoff at the idea of all kinds of custom super sayians showing up, remember that Super Sayians in Dragon Ball is like Jedi/Sith in Star Wars,
Shotos in Street Fighter. Ninjas in Mortal Kombat, Samurai in Samurai Shodown, etc. You can’t get enough of them. :slight_smile: And besides, better custom created characters than multiple Gokus running around. At least characters that look like descendants make things more refreshing for the roster side of things too. )

This can also open up gameplay possibilities depending how the movesets are customizable. Perhaps there will be a special/signature move equip system,
so custom movesets, or signature movesets, could lead to some interesting styles and battles. :slight_smile:

Overall this is one fighting game that fighting fans can keep on their radar. It’s likely to be an EVO candidate for tournaments too.


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Resorting to SLANDER just goes to show how trolls like you have no life. Go find someone else to bully, harrass, and pick on. At least I’m on topic, informative, optimistic and share media and info for things some fighting fans can be excited for. It doesn’t have to only be about the Street Fighter and SSB clones in the genre that get hype. This isn’t the Ridicule board. this is the Fighting Game Discussion board.

Anyway, new media shows more of the character creation, HUD, and other content.

In my opinion this is the most ambitious and groundbreaking Dragon Ball fighting game ever (and some may agree, well at least the majority of the fanbase) :slight_smile:
Even though it appears to play like a Tenkaichi, it’s feeling to be much more than that.


I like how Affinity calls us trolls and bullies. Citing SF and Melee. Really? Okay then. GG Xrd? UNIB? VSAV? Marvel? Tekken? What are those?


What exactly is ground breaking and ambitious about it? Looks like another Tenkaichi Budokai to me, and those games were total ass.

Doesn’t help they release them almost every year.

I’d rather have a Budokai 4 at this point, or see Arc System Works take on a DBZ game again (They did Super Sonic Warriors on GBA+DS, those games were awesome).

But I guess if I want an actual DBZ fighting game experience, I gotta download some Mugen fan game for it.


I’m a huge DBZ fan, but it’s hurting me to see what they’re doing to the franchise as far as games are concerned. Do they even sell that well?


The fans are split between the Street Fighter/DOA clone wannabes (vanilla Budokai fans) and the more authentic DBZ simulation/fighting fans (Tenkaichi), overall the majority of the fanbase prefer more authentic open free flying 3D DBZ battlefield fighting instead of mostly grounded 2D/2.5D Street Fighter/Virtua Fighter wannabe. The customization is looking deeper than expected. Now creative fans can create and play as more unique warriors instead of just the premade ones. http://gematsu.com/2014/08/dragon-ball-xenoverse-screenshots-show-female-saiyan-character-make


Did this nigga just say DBZ simulation like you can quantify what is more realistic to DBZ and simulate it? I know this nigga did not just say you can simulate some fake anime shit that doesn’t exist, that can’t be what I just read, because that is the most ignorant shit I have seen and that would be god damn ridiculous.


Affinity be setting these traps and y’all be falling for em like rats.

Either way I’ll keep my eye on is. Maybe Dimps can make these type of DBZ games actually fun to play


I ain’t playing a DBZ game until we get a new Super DBZ.


But can you make androids though?


I would love this to come to fruition, but you have to admit more people want a SSJ than an android, so if it doesn’t make it no one will really be disappointed all that much.


Arika is not mentioned?

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Never Forget

Also Tenkaichi + dress up = best game ever

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new concept art, including some “hairstyles” for Namek and Majin


Nameks can have perfect Cell’s head? Given that I saw something like this in another DBZ game that had a character creator, I wonder if they might throw in a “Freeza race.”


Freeza race I believe are the ice imps or something to that effect


well Nameks can resemble Cell’s crown because remember Cell was created using Namek cells besides Frieza and Sayian cells. The combos and overall gameplay is looking solid, and that’s alpha or pre alpha footage. there is much depth to uncover in offense and defense, plus the move/skill/capsules customization on top of that.


Just thought I’d add my perspective here… You must know that you are promoting a game, preaching about combat evolution in DBZ to a community that refuses to evolve nor accept games that perform outside of the traditional construct. Who knows, this game could turn out to be the best fighting game EVER, but if it’s too far off of the traditional style, it will simply get trashed in this place. World-is-Flat mentality, you can’t beat it on your own.


Seriously? You think you can’t simulate DBZ battles because they aren’t real?

Anyway, not looked at any media yet. As a DBZ fan that likes the idea of DBZ fighting games but is often let down by them, I’ll wait til it’s out then see if I like it.