Dragon Ball XENOVERSE revolutionizes Dragon Ball fighting games + there is DBO Character Creation

Frieza race??


New gameplay videos (looking past the noobs playing it, the gameplay looks solid!!)

tbh, I wish they would stop making DBZ games.

and add Naruto games to that sentiment.

there’s other anime out there, you know.

Haven’t been here for half a year. Still can recognize an Affinity thread by its title.

Hey nothing can match Dragon Ball/DBZ. The fans want it, so if you prefer Naruto, then go play those CC2 games,
no one does Naruto games better than CC2 anyway.
There’s always room for more Dragon Ball games, especially revolutionary and forward thinking masterpieces like this

(and if you don’t agree, why troll in a topic you aren’t interested in? That’s like a Mortal Kombat hater posting on the MKX boards
and saying “they should stop making MK games”.)

new trailer

online HUB

Extended Trailer shows a lot more gameplay, playable races and content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFMYwg-WAwA The ultimate Dragon Ball game ever!!!

lol The level of optimism

Aren’t DBZ games made on a yearly release? to make a dbz game that big would take more than a year + more money & time then they would like to invest. its gonna fall short.

what did you see to make you think its boz2 ? looks like normal tenkaichi style game to me. i thought BOZ was more of a rpg then a fighting game.

game looks fucking sick

5 playable races confirmed: Humans (blue), Sayians (orange), Nameks (green), Icers/Freezies/whatever (purple), and Majins (pink) They show some of the city, shops and receive the challenge, looks really revolutionary!! More people are saying this is like the Phantasy Star Online of fighting games, and looks like that is pretty accurate. :slight_smile: Also, there are beta testers saying Ki Charge is an actual skill you equip, so I guess it’s one of the early Skills you can buy, unless the player has it in their inventory somewhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbyaRc_5a6M

Comparing anything to Skyrim really does whatever you are comparing it to a big disservice. Game looks like it should be fun tho.

Meh, I rather have Shin Budokai 3.

English trailer

beginner controls (their first impressions)

Healing teammates

emotes and poses

Toki Toki City

R.I.P DBO :frowning:


I think I saw some segments where it showed the canon owner of a technique doing the move in front of a custom character, then the custom character used it…


translations of the network test guide :slight_smile: the deepest, innovative, revolutionary, and most immersive Dragon Ball fighting game ever!!

part 1

part 2


I did a full breakdown of currently known mechanics of this game (probably wasted my time, but yeah xD)
Hope you enjoy it, also warning, tons of animated gifs and typos:
DB Xenoverse Fighting mechanics

How dare you compare Budokai to Street Fighter, Budokai plays nothing like SF. First of all Budokai is a 3D fighting game, it doesn’t have the fundamentals of a 2D fighter. Budokai is all about rushdown, mindgames and Ki management. You can’t turtle, there’s no projectile zoning, you close the gap between you and your opponent very quickly. Budokai is a unique fighting game and has nothing to do with SF, on the other hand Xenoverse is more of a DBZ simulator and probably won’t be a competitive fighter. Nothing wrong with it, I think it can surpass other next gen DBZ games, def worth playing.

I don’t know. What I saw from the footage, it shapes up to be a quite nice competitive nichee 3D fighter. Tons of combo escape possibility, mixup, I think even ki blast zoning will be possible in Xenoverse. Dat pseudo crossup feature is pretty funny in my eyes, though.
Also they attempted to balance the Super Saiyan transformation, Ultimate Attack, which eats up 1 of 2 available Ultimate Slots, Ki/Special meter Drain, stat boosts and Special Attacks and Ultimate Attacks for 0 Ki/Special meter. Well, it also has few RPG elements in it, so is this an RPG fighter?
Just my 2cents…
Also dat title of this topic o.O

Seeing a write-up of the mechanics is refreshing. :smiley:

Crossups, parries, bursts, etc.

So far, I’m looking optimistic about this.

I’m actually coming around on this the fighting system looks like a nice hybrid of the Budokai and Tenkaichi styles and the customization actually looks pretty neat

newcomers are learning the controls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccadmlCDhTI beware of their noob knowledge and beta build glitches (they have plenty of months to polish it.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F2nExmAJZk