Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z looks to be the most revolutionary fighting game since DBZ Legends!


Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z

Yea DBZ Legends revolutionized team fighting

and Battle of Z looks even more amazing (and superior roster, plus 4 vs 4 instead of just 3 vs 3 at the sametime, plus 8 players ONLINE Online multiplayer is always more popular than local multiplayer anyway, so no local multiplayer is no big deal since most people don’t have local people to play with daily. :slight_smile:

and superior roster compared to DBZ Legends (yea people want Tenkaichi 3+ rosters, but Battle of Z is a brand new engine. )

overall Battle of Z really looks worth playing. :slight_smile: Yea EVO tournaments probably don’t have online connection, but hey, if Circle City could host
Guardian Heroes HD tournament locally through a LAN, I’m sure a Battle of Z EVO team tournament could happen. :slight_smile:

People shouldn’t be fooled by the “simplistic controls” There is a lot of depth there (and more balance too instead of cheap combos that plague the genre).
And it does take MORE SKILL to defeat multiple opponents instead of just 1. And 4 vs 4 is 1000x more exciting to witness than tag team battles. :slight_smile:

It really does make the SSB series look boring for sure. And just imagine the fights involving professional skilled players that master the gameplay/characters!! :slight_smile:


Have you even played DBZ Legends? I have the disc for PSX, while it’s a nice little DragonBall Z game that mimics the action of the series, the gameplay is actually pretty dumb. It’s just a really flashy tug-o-war beat’em up game where the only way to damage the enemies is to hit them with repetitive special attacks you perform for winning each round of tug-o-war. Sitting through Goku’s Spirit Bomb several times each fight sucks.

You can literally win the tug-o-war just mashing the power blow and countering your opponents every attempt to counter your blow, which they will then try to counter but you can counter their counter, until they run out of KI and become stunned. Like majority of DBZ games, lots of moments where you need to charge your KI, or be stunned.

I dunno how you can say Legends revolutionized team fighting, considering your team mates are AI controlled and generally spend most of the time jobbing.

I’ll reserve judgement on Battle Of Z until it releases, but I’m not expecting much from it. Looks alot like Tenkaichi with teams thrown in.


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really the only dbz game I COULD see at evo would be B3


it just looks like they’re trying to do a game more like the Gundam VS series (Zenkai Battle Royale was similar, but much slower in pace) except with 4v4.

I wonder how they’ll make gameplay not just a clusterfuck with 4v4 (as opposed to 2v2) battles. very low down limits? beam attacks having tiny arcs/hitboxes?

I’m curious.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to play 4-player broop as DBZ characters. Pretty sure SRK went full chub before they seen the gameplay.


Oh, of course I’m getting this game day one. I’m just not holding out hope for it being tourney-viable, that’s all.


that whole trailer was a cringe fest…


So you think its gonna be amaZing?


Lol at that one guy who tried to reply with a serious if salty rebuttal in an Affinity thread.



Wake me up when Budokai 4 comes out


I’m with you OP, this game has me totally pumped bro!!!

Gonna go flex in the mirror in anticipation for this monumental event!!!


Well, at least it can’t be worse than DBZ Kinect. Or that Sagas RPG.


Nah, I’ll wake you up when J-Stars comes out.


game looks pretty cool ^^ been waiting for a dbz game


Is it at the very least using the Zenkai Battle engine with 'dat GGPO netcode?


What about Super Dragonball Z? I’ve never actually played it but I’ve heard it’s more fighting game fan friendly then DBZ fan friendly.