Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD collection

No Budokai 2? No Infinite World?

What’s with these incomplete compilations lately?

You think the music will be the same?


oh you mean chumpilations

Uh, real talk? Budokai 3 is the only one of the 4 Budokai games worth a damn (if we’re counting IW).

If anything, Namco wasted money by adding Budokai 1, when they should’ve just rereleased Budokai 3 solo. Either that or do Budokai 3 with BT3.


any word on online play

Though I’ll be fair on one point, Budokai 1 had the best Story Presentation of all the Budokais and BTs. But that doesn’t really mean much in the long run.

No love for IW? I enjoyed a lot more over B3 TBH, definitely made some improvements to the core gameplay. The games pretty much got better with each sequel, not counting Burst Limit of course.


It’s not outright terrible mind you, it’s probably second among the four. However, when porting things over to the newer gen, nostalgia among other things usually play chief. A lot of people probably didn’t even know IW got released, and a decent amount that did…felt no reason to get it when it wasn’t that terribly different than B3…plus the fact that we were already in the Next Gen.

HD collections and ports are essentially cheap cash-ins, so you have to go with the ones everyone knows about and played. For the Budokais, it’s a case of the first two being straight bad and B3 being great and when IW was released it might as well not have existed. The reason I say Namco could’ve saved money is that…honestly no one is going to buy this collection for Budokai 1 in the least. No one would buy it for B2, and very few would probably get it for IW. Budokai 3 is what’s gonna be selling it, so you might as well just sell that solely without wasting time also porting B1. If you need another Budokai to go in with it, maybe IW but again, it wouldn’t make much of a difference in sales, so if anything BT3 (or Super DBZ, but idk how licensing and such would work out for that especially) could be an add-on, as it was the best of the BTs and has enough of its own subset of fans to help raise sales.

I’m so hyped for budokai 3 to come out on ps3 and my dreams have come true i doubt there will be online play though but maybe we can bombard namco to put it in the game. But in terms of the infinite world vs budokai 3 debate i feel infinite world did some things to improve budokai 3 while taking out some good things. For instance the capsule system in infinite world is godlike and also added animations and mechanics from the shin budokai series and the removal of hyper mode and dragon rushes. But I didn’t like that they took out the beam clashes i always thought they looked awesome ( i know from a competitive standpoint it was a waste of time). Also imo the fatigue system in budokai 3 was much better than infinite world. Regardless im glad this is happening.

Yeah, I definitely agree there. Even though I thing IW’s a better game, it was released pretty quietly, and the majority of Budokai fans probably still don’t know it exists. Nostalgia definitely plays a huge role in why B3 is so popular. I mean, it’s a good game, but there’s a lot of stuff that got improved in IW IMO (Hyper Mode/Dragonrushes gone, manually cancelling teleports, streamline the transformation/ultimate system, better movement, more flexible combo system, etc.). All I know is, this had better be the GH version of B3. The one with the slight gameplay tweaks, full command list, and extra costumes.

Yeah, beam clashes definitely shoudl’ve stayed in. And the fatigue system in IW would’ve been better if it didn’t fill up too fast. Makes it fairly easy for certain characters to TOD you off of a clean hit.

There’s no doubt that IW is better when it comes to the gameplay but it was half-assed, I feel B3 had more content overall.

no online, no buy, dbz is dead from where i am, so if i want to have matches with people, this thing better have online.

All I know is, if Budokai has online, it had better be near flawless. Cancel combos can be executionally demanding as is, never mind under something like input lag.

Budokai 3 is still the best in the trilogy,but the HD Collection was ruined due to the soundtrack copyright issue,anyway Super Dragon Ball Z of PS2 with the SF2 Art director is the most fighting game one.