Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4

Yup, it’s true.

That’s all the news so far. A character creator in a DBZ game sounds kind of lame to me, not to mention the fact that ATARI IS BREAKING THE THREE GAME RULE, but we’ll see how this goes. Hope it lands on a next gen system besides the Wii.

Regardless, I’mma call this Dragon Ball Z: Wii Gotta Powa.

I thought Burst Limit was the newest one and that one is for PS3/360.

It is, or was until BT4 was announced. This is a completely different game.

Oh ok, good to know.


So wat they’re going to add now? DBT3 was crazy.

That avatar is toooooo beastly. :pray:

Seriously. Man, don’t they ever get tired of making these games?


I aint tired tho’.

I know, right? Who are we gonna fight as now? Tutrle, Oolong and the Nimbus Cloud?

Ugh… Another one?

Well at least they’re making Burst Limit, the REAL DBZ fighter and not some crazed cinematic virtual on game… hrm.

With their track record I’d venture to say you’re most likely correct.

Haha, now that you mention it, it is kinda like Virtual On.

You are forgetting Tournament entree number 37. And Senzubean number 3.

That’s like asking if fanboys are tired of watching Son Goku defeat Freeza for the umpteenth time, as well as asking if Spike/Namco-Bandai/Atari are tired of MAKING EASY MONEY. :rofl:

Face it, relatively speaking, these games are a cinch to make, and yet gross a good deal of cash all the same. So it’s no skin off of any body’s nose to pump these games out on a yearly basis. Frankly, that’s why they’ve stretched it out so long. Reasonably speaking, there was no excuse for us to NOT have a Custom Char Crafter 2 games ago, but they don’t, because business etiquette states that you have to keep giving the customer reason to ask for more.

Any way…I suppose I really only have three main things that I would like to see.

  1. Make this Wii exclusive (because you know it’s going to still be a PS2/Wii quality game). Doing that would more than likely give them at least some incentive to push the power of the Wii to its limits, so that we could have possibly better graphical effects, and just do more to optimize the hardware available. A PS2 port would keep the larger fanbase happy, but they could definitely be doing more with this series by now, and I bet the PS2 hardware is a viable enough excuse holding them back.

  2. Original storyline(s) - Again…how many times must we see the same DB/DBZ plotlines over and over again? It was actually a nice change of pace that the two PSP DBZ games actually had an original plot line that wasn’t the same thing over and over again. And if we’re going to have original characters and such in the mix, they might as well do this.

  3. Actual Team Battles - Talking like 2 on 2 battles, not unlike what the Gundam Vs. series has sported for years now. Make it so that I at least have the option to play with my pals who are sitting next to me, as well as maybe be some where else on God’s Green Earth, and that would be another nice addition to online play.

Beyond that, they can do whatever the hell they want. It IS a DBZ game, after all…

Ugh why did they screw over people who use arcade sticks by using more than 6 buttons.

Burst Limit may arguably be more of a ‘real fighter’ than BT, but BT is definitely a funner experience.

if this has burst limits graphics and is on xbox 360 that means i dont need to buy burst limit then, i have more than enough standard fighting games :wonder:

I want some Original stuff (like team supers or something. sort of like the dbz fighting game for the ds) this time and some what if forms…DO IT!

Seeing that the Sparking series was a radical departure, overall the fans loved it and the rest of us just wrote it off. I personally stand in the gray area when speaking DBZ Sparking.

But since they are doing 4 all they need to do is put my nigga Rilldo all up in dat bitch and I may get a little hype for the shit.

And yes, the DBZ games scream for a Tag Function that actually does something other than Tag someone in. Team Supers would be the total sweetness though. Even though I will refer people to best move in my view in Budokai 3. 18’s Accel Dance with Krillin. But I would like to see stuff like Teen Gohan and Goku using the 1 arm/or Goku, Gohan, and Goten Father-Son/-Son Kamehameha. Or Jeice and Burter pulling out some of their combo attacks. Things like these need to be added in DBZ games to bring it even closer to the spirit of the anime itself.

And as far as that Character Creator goes, it will be the 7th Sparkling game before they get a semblance of getting something like that right. But good luck to them, cause WHEN they mess this up shit will go up in flames like never before.

Instead of working on that, Super DBZ is screaming for a sequel. I could be satisfied with just that. But it will never happen because the game didn’t go over too well with the lot of the DBZ fans. It probably would have taken 2 more games to get it just right, just like the Budokai series.

But the questions stand out more than ever. How much does this series really have left? And when will they hit the proverbial wall and have to actually come with something fresh?