Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4

That would probably have to be a thing where Craft & Meister (the guys behind the game, and headed by Noritaka Funamizu, one of the people behind SF2) would have to be asked to do the honors again.

Strangely enough, C&M have been largely quiet over these last few years since SDBZ. You’d think that with 2008/2009 being possibly the largest “revival” the FG scene has seen in years, they would have their own product either ready, or at least announced so that we’d have something else to get hype about.

…I really hope they’re still alive. Super DBZ wasn’t perfect, but it was probably the DBZ game I’ve enjoyed the most since the days of Hyper Dimension and the Super Butodens on the SNES. DBZ or not, I’d love to see what else those guys could do.

That’s something that people have probably been asking off and on for the last decade and some change. Games come out, and games go by…but one thing only remains consistent: as long as people don’t get tired of Dragon Ball, there will be games for the people to buy. The fact that people still love this series and want to see more of it (both in Japan and out) despite the fact that the series has been off the air for years, should be testament to that fact. We got a friggin’ MMO and a live-action movie based on the series coming out some time in the future. This series ain’t go nowhere. :sweat:

I would guess that when more people (and I mean significantly more) FINALLY do decide that they want more out of DB than just the familiar stories of Goku and friends, THAT’S when they may feel free to actually do more. Maybe they might take a cue from Star Wars, and start doing a whole bunch of “Expanded Universe Gaidens”, or some silliness of that sort. :rofl:

The first 3 was just one character with 150 palate swaps, you mean I can finally make my own swap? No thanks. I feel sorry for anyone that’s remotely excited for this fecal matter.

I am glad they are making a 4th game because i loved the tenkaichi series

I don’t know… The third game was a good note to leave off of. I can understand WHY they’re making a fourth game (the fan reaction is probably at it’s biggest for a DBZ game, or at least in the US), but what else can they really do besides the character maker? Tag team moves was a real good idea, they worked really well in Super Sonic Warriors 2.

If anything, I hope they fix the custom system so fights won’t be so terribly unbalanced. I mean, I like playing with Goten, but not if he’s only going to have two bars of health up against a beast like Vegito.

Yeah, I would love Team Supers, Supersonic Warriors on the DS was quite fun, and those were awesome and flashy, just imagine how cool they’d look on nice graphics. But yeah, if you’re looking for “balance” in a DBZ game, you’ll never find it. Piccolo can never evenly fight Broly, Goten can’t etc, etc. It’s just realistically lame I spose.

Thing is though, if they weren’t so hell-bent on trying to give the fans some thing to wank off to so much, we could actually have balanced games.

Again, I point to the likes of Hyper Dimension. Not perfect, but definitely a solid game in its own right.

But as long as they’re basing games on how much you can power up to SSJ3-4 or whatever, this will never be the case.

maybe they can finally include one-armed age-of-apocalypse gohan.

Future Gohan was in the last game, only they opted to keep his arm.

i wouldnt mind it so much, in soul calibur i prefer to use soul of’s with my created character, it’s nice to be able to use your own version of ryu, goku, mitsurugi’s style

tag moves: jeice has a tag move with burter when they are together, yeah its burters super but its still a tag move.

im more interested in 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 fights all at the same time. it would be cool to bring you and a freinds created characters to fight others online via split screen

GOTEN X: they kept age of apocalypse gohans arms but he only fights with one arm, look closer.

Yeah, I did notice that. But I haven’t played it in months, I forgot all about it. Maybe this time they’ll nix the arm altogether.

He still throws using both arms, though.

instead what they should do is actually lose the arm during the course of the battle if he takes enough damage. Speaking of this…It would be kinda hot to see some sort of limb losing system on some of the characters…like tien or piccolo…Though I hihgly doubt it cause i’m sure the ESRB would go:

ESRB:…sees Gohan’s arm fly off after getting hit with a big ass blast and then looks at Atari…You expect us to give this a T rating!? O.o?


Tag supers would be awesome and for the record I don’t really count Jeice’s or burter’s…only because it didn’t matter whether the other character was there or not. I want Vegeta to put his arms out for the final flash and then Goku coming in from the side ready with his kamehameha…and then there will be a pause with the screen darkening and just some random ass dude in the background screaming ‘INFINITY!!!’ right before they blow the opponent away.

I think instead of their arms flying off (Piccolo might be OK if he can just regenerate it, and they have shown Tien with his arm cut off in the Nappa fight since Budokai IIRC), maybe characters could have legs or arms paralyzed of they take enough damage.

jeice’s special actually does change depending on wether burter is there or not…

i’m not buying any more dbz games, i’ll wait for tenkaichi 6 and burst limit 3.