Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butouden (not revolutionary, but made by ASW)


New 2d fighting game for the 3DS, 1 vs 1 battle, over a 100 characters.


Hard to tell, but those sprites look very Hyper DBZ…


Yeah…they do don’t they?


holy shit I didn’t realize that they looked so close to the hyper dbz sprites. ASW has always done a good job on sprites.


Maybe the Hyper DBZ guys can use some of these spites to speed up their development process. I would play a game like this if it was for a console, as a legit 2D DBZ game with great gameplay is my dream.


More awesome though if ASW paid the hdbz guys to work on the game… An engine by ASW would probably be better than mugen.


My god, first Namco turn their latest DBZ game into an arena brawler so it actually looks like a good game in it’s own right rather than a bad fighting game you forgive because DBZ and now ASW are making a proper DBZ fighting game.

This is a bloody good time to like DBZ right now, hype as hell for this.


I would not get to hyped you would be amazed how dbz games just break hearts and let people down


Except this one has a developer who actually has a track record of making good fighting games.


Last time Arc System Works made a Dragon Ball Z game (Super Sonic Warriors) it was pretty damn sweet.


supersonic warrior 2 was too legit. People forgot it existed.


I never played Super Sonic Warriors 2, I might need to go get a DS emulator and give it a go. I love the original game alot though, the What-If stories were interesting. Krillin learning Kaio Ken and the Spirit Bomb, too good.

I swear Gotenks was the worst character in the game though just because of his time limit.


Yeah, Supersonic Warriors was great. I’d play that game for several hrs and feel bored the second I turned it off. I still remember being confused about the timer when Freeza threw his Death Ball at the planet. I didn’t beat Freeza in time, so the planet blew up and I lost. That game had so much replay value. Probably my fav DBZ game ever.


Freeza’s a dick. Dodge the Death Ball and kill him in 1 minute, or attempt to guard it and possibly get guard crushed and lose all your life.


Another image:

Yo, Turtle as an assist? Get hype!


Can’t believe the Butoden series is still alive. For many of us, those were our first DBZ game when Super Butoden 1, 2, and 3 came out for the Super Famicom.


I didn’t even know ASW made the Supersonic games. Loved that game.


Website is up



Now that we have clearer images of what it looks like, visually Hyper DBZ looks better. The sprites have a lot more style and character to them.


These sprites actually remind me alot of KOFXII/KOFXIII.