Dragon fist doodles


Hi guys new update i was planning to submit it for Tribute Darkstalkers Art but failed on deadline, heres my pencil work this time. :nunchuck:




Nice dude! Very wicked. Hands are the hardest to do but you accomplished yours with ease. The actual page looks to sharp to handle with all those claws on there. Like a wolverine in a blender, I tell you what.


i was gonna say the same about hands but yeah, you nailed it. good job!


Damn, your pencil work is mint!

I could totally see that graffiti’ed on a wall or something…which to me is a good thing.


Looks absolutely ferocious.

Impressive work.


Thank you for the feedback guys, took me weeks to finish that one.
@fire.tisane: haha thank you
@pootnannies: glad you like his hand

Lol blame it on my cellphone camera, I really dont have camera with me so I used my cellphone’s camera instead. The quality of the image I guess turned out good because little details like sketch marks and lines cannot be captured by my cellphone cameras lens, and yeah I like the idea about putting it on a wall. XD

@Lolerskates: thank you

Heres my tablet works on freetime ive been working on with Gimp. >.<


I guess i messed this up any suggestions for hair colors?