Dragon Joysticks Aluminium Bat Top/Ball Top for Sanwa/HAPP


I saw this for sell on Ebay and it looks awesome. Did anyone order it?any feedbacks?Can’t wait to received my as well. He also makes Aluminum Ball Tops. Yeah you heard it right.lol. I will post pictures once I have it.

Sanwa Ball Top









Sanwa Bat Top








HAPP Bat Top








Cracked ball tops
WTS: Custom Aluminum Bat Tops
WTS: Custom Aluminum Bat Tops
** Focusattack.com fighting game store **

Found this review. Looks pretty good and I like that it’s thinner than the default battop. Where did you find the Sanwa version? I don’t see it on their site.


He mention that he needs to take better pictures before posting on EBay. But He did send that last one.


What a great find he needs to post the jlf flavor so i can scoop one up. I’ve been wanting a metal bat top since the fall of lizardick… I mean lizardlick.com

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One of my online friends uses these, he says they’re great.


just saw this myself 5mins ago on ebay… glad to hear about the sanwa versions, looking forward to getting those…


Update the thread. I order one to check it out :slight_smile:


I ordered a Sanwa one since my older metal battop has a few dents in it. When I get it, I’ll take a few photos of it next to the Toggleme Aluminum Battop and the regular Sanwa one. All blue if y’all want to see the difference in shades.


I got a Blue Sanwa as well. I want to check the weight difference of it.


I ordered a red and black one for sanwa.


im gonna get the mirror one


Picked up a black one.

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Hey guys thanks for the orders. I cant wait for your reactions to these, they are my pride and joy!
I will post some new picks tomorrow right here of some installed into my fightstick and other shots as well.
Right after i make some more! :slight_smile:


cool .


Will you consider making a LS-58 compatible shaft? I’d be interested in one, and the LS-58 is one of the newer, more popular Seimitsu sticks, so I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d buy one.


Possibly, its looks really similar but i would have to buy one first to test it out. Or have someone that has both to see if they are compatible. For all i know they already fit:)


If they fit the LS-58, I’d order one for sure.

Please look into that. Not everyone is all about Sanwa :stuck_out_tongue:


I have both and the shafts aren’t the same. Here is a picture for you.

Unfortunately, as you can see, there would be no way to fit the actuator and spring washer onto the JLF shaft, and the JLF shaft wouldn’t be able to fit into the pivot

I’m not currently using my LS-58 because the case I want to put it in isn’t done yet, I could send you the shaft if that would help you get one and get us some Dragon Shafts fit for the LS-58. The good news is, the shaft would also fit the LS-56 which is another popular stick, and POSSIBLY the LS-33 though I do not have one or a way to test though the shaft’s look similar enough.

If I sent you my shaft, what kind of turn around would we be looking at?

P.S. How come the Sanwa versions don’t have shiny shafts? Is it possible to have it anodized down to the pivot as well?

P.P.S.S. (or whatever) You know, these would look really, really bad ass in a black nickel color. Check it! If you had a black nickel LS-56 stick, I’d buy it in a heart beat.



It looks like the LS-58 has a brass adapter on it, mm, i would need to know what type of thread it has. If you want i can get these back to you in a day plus shipping time to make a prototype and i will hook you up with a set of your choice, sure. My bat handle uses a different thread 1/4 20 because i sell aluminum ball tops as well that come with this thread to fit but i think it would be easy to make them for the LS. I think it might be better if you could send me the whole assembly? Or at least the shaft and sleeve for sure.


How about Korean Stick? I think some folks would like that as well.