Dragon Nest Open Beta coming July 26th!


I searched for a Dragon Nest thread and there wasn’t one.

Since the Open beta was announced today I figured this would be the perfect time to create a thread here.

Discuss away!

For those interested it’s an action based mmo, and the pvp reminds me a lot of fighting games. Think of a 3d fighting games. There’s knockdowns/wake-up attacks/otg/otw, combos, escapes, etc. etc.


It looks pretty good. But unless they release a version on the 360, doubtful I’ll be able to play it.

Dragon Nest Trailer

Dragon Nest Gameplay


Here is a pretty good PvP video.

Level 40 Force User vs Lvl 40 Mercanary

From what I’ve heard, even though the animations look great, it doesn’t require that great of a computer to play, and you can turn the graphics really low, so there may be some hope for you.


More people should be hype on this game. Keits has been saying on Twitter that it’s very cool, and I hear nothing but good things about it. Downloading now!


I’m SixMachine on Argenta the first east server. I just started so I’m a low level.


I’ve been crashing and disconnecting the entire time I’ve been trying to play.


That’s weird. No problems with me, except that I have to log on through IE instead of firefox but thats a problem with Nexon in general. After that dfo update the main site is kind of weird now.


SheVolt on Argenta East. Level 9 Archer at the moment. Holla.


[RIGHT]I just play on whatevers open if argenta is the default srk i"ll try and get in there. Im 10 sorcerer, fantamorgana…Sorcerer seems hella strong.[/RIGHT]


We gonna make a SRK guild? I know Keits was interested in that, but this happening at EVO week -_-.


The SRK guild is made already. Contact Ultorskoss or nevUh or vycodine for an invite. All on Argenta(East) of course!


I don’t get it; i thought SRK would be hype on this game since Keits mentioned it. (that’s how i heard about it)

I’ll represent West, even though i’m not super into MMO’s, but i’m having fun for now!


My computer. Fucking. Sucks. Getting new one after Otakon, screw getting a new job -_-.


I heard talk on a stream that all the servers are probably in California, but they just designate them to certain regions. Not sure how true that is though.


I’m Sixmachine on Argenta. I’m a cleric that’ll hopefully get to change to a paladin. I’m only lvl 11 right now. Also everyone should just upgrade their crap right now. It’s only 1 copper to get it done. I have over 4.1k hp right now with crap gear that I just decided to enhance (though I need to find a lvl10 wep drop to upgrade it. The prelude set that you get from quests don’t allow enhancements). If I actually needed to pay for the enhancements I would probably rage because it’s just as annoying as DFO’s enhancements except you can break crap after +6 without downgrading.


Just made an account today. Level 11 Archer named KRTackle on Argenta. :smiley:


Just started playing, I’m in Velskud (west) server lvl 12 cleric.IGN for cleric is Rottona and IGN for archer is ThundrThighs.We should start an SRK guild on the west server as well.


oops missed the opening date, will be there tonight


I’ll get on tonight, I’ll be level 10 by tonight and make the guild… shouldn’t be too hard.

What should be the official Tag? Just a simple “SRK”?

Peep it:
“SRK DatHawkeye”

I’m on west server.


MMKing on East server.