Dragon Punch on a Pad


What’s the best (easiest?) way to execute the dragon punch/shoryuken action on a gamepad?
For some reason, I seem to have much trouble doing it.
Right now, I go F, D, F + P. Is there a better way?


uh… isn’t that the only way? and is this worth a thread even??? T_T


Do the half circle twice + P and the 360 pad thinks you did it the regular way but this doesnt deservere a thread man…


yeah okay nevermind. please delete/close this thread.


Yes there is probably only one way to do it but they are lots of ways to describe it. So dont put down yourself thinking u asked a stupid question…

I had actually made a post about this b4…i hope it helps…so lemme know how it works out



I just press forward, roll the stick down to 7 o clock and then back to 5 o clock (this is on a 360 pad). Seems to do the trick for me.


Well I usually think of it in a couple of different ways.

Forward+Quarter Circle Forward+Punch

Forward+Down+Down Forward+Forward+Punch

Forward with Hadouken


Uhh theres not too many ways to think of it



hold forward then do a hadouken motion. Bam dragon punch