Dragon Punch?

(MVC 3)I’m having trouble doing dragon punches on a fightstick… I’m wondering how do you guys do your dragon punches, is there any shortcuts? and if not, any tips, like the easiest grip to do one. I was looking up some tips, and some person say don’t ride the edge, which i always do… lol


Practice. Then practice some more. You will get it. That’s all that can be said. The way you hold the stick is probably right as that’s the most comfortable for you otherwise you would hold it a different way.

The weak don’t realise that practice is needed and give up. The strong realise they suck and practice and go on to win.

i hope this help

I had the same problem, as SF4 was the first game I played using a stick, and we all know how easy it is to have a DP come out in that game. It’s actually just being more precise with your inputs, which sucks to have to say.

I once watched a vid with gootecks explaining execution and he said to imagine yourself as a small Japanese man when inputting motions. Use the least amount of effort you possibly can, no wasted motions, no wasted energy, no mashing. Which unfortunately, SF4 has taught us all to do, or at least has let us get away with it.

In MvC3 you can do :f::df::d::df::f: and get a DP out.

Does that work in MVC3? I just learned about it in SF and it helps immensely. But that’s SF so idk if it applies to MVC

It probably does since you have the important inputs. I play on pad, so :f::df::d::df::f: feels more natural. Instead of stopping right at :df: I just go all the way to :f: and then back to neutral.

Newer capcom games are more lenient with the inputs. Also just practice, MVC3 training mode is amazing.