Dragon Punch


Playing Sakura and trying to do her ShoShoSho combo has scarred me. I’ve been trying to do it for the last three years now w/ NO success… It makes me want to quit fighting games.


Doing Shoshosho, scrub style:

-f,d,df,f+HP (hold f), d,df,f+HP (hold f), etc

CvS2 is pretty lenient with inputs, as long as you hold f on the stick for a bit you can pretty much mash the stick between down and forward and press punch when you hit forward and the Uppercuts will come out.


The thing is, I don’t want to learn a gimmick… Hence, i’m scarred…


use vega then, everyone else does nowadays


its not a gimmick, i look at it as the “easier” way compared to the “correct” way where you do neutral dps. the way i do it is pretty similar to fsgamers explaination but slightly different.

when doing the dp buffer what i do is:

f,d,df.fierce, f,d,df.fierce, repeat

this is extrememly easy on a hori because of the “clicky” motions to tell you what motion you have just hit. american sticks also have the “clicky” but its extremely quiet that when you game on you can’t hear it.


Well the only strategy in cvs2 that isn’t a gimmick is to pick R4 Ryu and do the fireball trap. If they jump then all you have to do is dp one time (no shoshosho stuff)


Everytime I do this I get 3 rotations then I accidently throw a fireball…it’s annoying.


when you pratice do you get out a couple of upper cuts then cancle into a fireball…

or do you get some weird mix of one upper cut in to a bunch of s.hp s

… can you do bisons similar move (known as ptf)

well if you can do bisons then at least you know you have the motions down, if you cant dont worry…

1 can you do one dragon punch…If “no” then pratice that until you can do one

2 so you got that dragon punch down but you need to do another one and really fast before sak leaves the ground… well this is acutally the problem, you cant do another one fully before she leaves the ground

the major misconception about the shosho is its tempo… many think that the dps come out faster than they really do. Thats why many double up the motion and end up with a super fire ball… close your eyes and listen to a player that does the shosho… now tap your finger to each “sho” like your hitting the button… make sure you have this tempo down

3 partice her dp more

4 now try the shosho and remember the tempo, do the first dp and after that do fireball motions along with the tempo, if its starts correctly dont get exctied stay to the tempo usually youll speed up your motions and mess up after a couple but youlll eventually get it . Once you do itll seem like she does it on her own , the motions become really smooth and it feels like the combo completes itself , its a wired feeling , at least for me.

but basically you do the first dp, and then fireball motions but the key is the tempo and the sounds in cvs2 help alot more than the visuals when knowing the right time to press a button

personally I think the shosho is too fast to really do individual dp motions for each dp I think thats only with bison I would like some one to actually come up and say “I shosho using individual dp montions for each dp , and with success”, just to make me a believer


it’s all about execution, if your trying to “blindly” shosho then it will fuck up, by blindly shosho i mean you just mash qcf.p after the 1st dp. since you accidently get fireballs then your buffering too fast and missing directional inputs which is probably why you get fireballs. it usually happens when people buffer and accidently miss the forward direction and buffered an actual qcf.p for a fireball.

what you can try is not look at the screen but look at your hands and watch your motions to see if you skip directions or choke. your right and left hand is pretty much unison when doing the shosho or ptf. as you buffer the qcf with your left hand, your right hand should being moving at the same speed to hit the fierce.


Why is that the scruby way? If it works and is easier, why is it scruby?
I mean, its inside a combo so theres no external variables to screw your motion and stuff like this, once it is connected, is just taking to the finish.
I dont get it…


as mentioned before its easier to execute if you do neutrals using hp.
her hp shoryuken has enough time for you to motion another one.

if you practice bison’s ptf which is alot eaiser to do imo with neutrals, you will get the hang of sho shos.


ptf is really difficult for me, shosho is easy


paint and shosho are two completely different timings, making their “easier” method completely different.

ptf is much easier with the full dp + neutral motion, while shosho’s are much easier with the buffer motion.


DUDE! seriously thank you. I worked on what you wrote the passed couple days and I finally got the hang of it. You were right hand my right hand wasn’t timed right with my left.


Another method is to sit on your left hand for a while until it’s numb. Then do the motions. Because you can’t feel your hand, your brain is fooled into thinking it’s Kindevu playing and does it perfectly every time. It’s called the stranger and I love it.


no problem man glad to be of help. it works alot better then looking at the screen to see if your getting it consistantly since all you can see on screen is shoshosho, fireball. but when you look at your hands you can see what your doing wrong yourself, this can also generally help with execution practice for any move, if you got it you’ll hear it, if not you get the button you pressed or some other move to come out.


That is so true. I learned how to SHosho and PTF in pad, when i made the transition to Joystick it was a piece of cake. Timing is THE KEY! not the motions. By the way, what kind of joystick do you use? Hori: Real Arcade Pro Stick and ASCII FT2 (I use this) are the shit Shoshoing and PTFencing! =D

Stay away from buffer method. Though you do it to the perfection, always there exists the possibility of trumping it.



No point in having the timing down if you don’t do the correct motions for it.
i use a HRAP2 and a MAS. IMO buffer is a good way to start, but always better to get neutral dps.


I say more timing than anything. I can do sak’s custom 100% of the time because its a different timing than bisons. I buffer both and can do bisons about 75% of the time because I always forget to hit hp later since I’m use to doing sak’s timing. The motion is really easy