Dragon Quest last bosses

Heres the last battles of my favrite rpgs

DQ1-snes remake Dragon Lord


DQ2-still one of the hardest rpgs ever made. Last boss Malroth.


DQ3-Last boss Zoma


DQ4-last boss Necrosaro.


DQ5-last boss Maldrath


DQ6-last boss Deathtamoor.


DQ7-last boss is one of the hardest bosses in a rpg. Orgodemir

[media=youtube]0VLD4GwlDnY[/media] part 1

[media=youtube]lJ7B18NMrXs[/media] part 2

[media=youtube]3pFy-V7o0_0[/media] part 3

DQ8-last boss Rhapthorne


Rhapthorne is fat as hell.

I noticed he also kept doing “wave of ice” which has like no effect against “My 3 Golems.” Ha, what a waste of a turn atk :7

Great vids though, props to these.

ya the A.I. on Rhapthorne is fucking random.