Dragon Quest Thread (DQ VI is out, check it out now!)

Anybody looking forward to this?

1up has a great preview of the game.


Definitely looking forward to this game. Obviously the passer-by style functionality works very well in a densely populated place like japan, so I’m interested to see how that shakes out in America. I’m looking forward to the co-op aspect of it. The last RPG style game I really enjoyed with co-op was Secret of Mana. This is definitely turn based, but I think it will be a unique experience and worth playing. Nowadays, co-op is a big deal to me. I have plenty of games where I can kill people in competition so co-op is always a nice feature. Hell, Koop, Dataika, Jae Hoon, and me had a blast with Rainbow Six STRICTLY because of co-op so I really hope this game ends up being successful here.

do we have any Dragon Quest fans on here?

I also just read on IGN that you completely create your character, and there are no random battles. You see every enemy on screen. There’s a job system so you can choose your class, and it’s switchable later on in the game. There are 150 side missions and I believe 50 story based missions

How are some of the older DQs, I only played VIII?

DQ8 was fucking magical.

Then DQ9 was announced, I got mad hype, then they said it’s on a handheld only, then I stopped caring. I mean, I have a DS and will probably be getting it, but still…

DQ4 and 5 should be played. DQ6 seemed interesting from what little I’ve played of it.

DQ7 is probably the longest DQ game, but also the most tedious (leveling up classes…)

You don’t really need to bother with DQ1, unless it’s one of the remakes. I believe DQ1 and 2 come together on a single cart for the GBC. The DQ3 remake for GBC is excellent.

I’m happy that DQ9 finally ditches random battles (I knew this a while back). Combat is also more dynamic, too. I think it’s more tactical this time, like characters move around and stuff.

Yeah, DQ VIII was awesome. I’m actually hyped about it being on the DS. The entire game was built on the social aspect and density of Japan, so that’s why they chose the DS platform. You put the DS in walkby mode, throw the thing in your pocket and just go about your day. If you pass anybody on the street that’s doing the walkby mode as well, they get imported into your game, and they can leave dungeons on the map, give you treasure, etc. It really focuses on the social aspect. Really cool in my opinion. I’ll post up another preview that specifically explains that here in a few.

I personally dig it being on the DS simply because I play handhelds more than regular systems these days.

They need to hurry up and announce the DQ VI release date as well.

And I’ve been meaning to ask, who is that in your av?

Here’s a more in depth preview from last year that specifically goes into how the passerby mode works.


TL DR version; If you pass by people with the passerby function, you import them into thei game. They usually have a treasure map they leave you which opens up a new dungeon or a room that gives you treasures. Some of these dungeons have original bosses from the other DQ games. Pretty fucking cool.

Also, Square Enix has been releasing weekly updates for the game that has stuff like dungeons and stuff like that. I don’t know if all of that is going to be built into our cartridges or what. So we’ll see what happens.

You mean my av? It’s Jack Bauer, decked out in combat gear from the recent episode. I thought you watched 24?

Haven’t watched the new season. Haven’t kept up since season five. lol Didn’t realize you posted, I actually meant to ask that to SWBeta. lol sorry.

You gotta catch up, man. Skip season 6 and watch all of 7, then watch all of season 8. There are two more episodes left, and then that’s it for the show.

Sorry to go off-topic, this will be the last time from me.

You actually fell for that? That’s one of those dudes from Army of Two.

That passive communication/walk by mode sounds pretty nifty, actually. Huh. Only prob is, how many people are you going to walk by in the US that are actually playing this game and have the DS in Sleep Mode? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else with a DS in my neck of the woods…

Ronin, the dude in my av is Big Hurl, from **[media=youtube]eDn0ow8EzcU]The Birthday Party: An Interactive Adventure[/b[/media]. Made a thread for this in GD once, but I guess the thread either got moved to the video forums or got deleted/locked for being in the wrong forum.

Yeah, I’m curious how we’re going to get past this hurdle when it comes to the passerby function. I don’t know many people who walk around with their DS. It would work great at gaming conventions like Evo (Shit comes out AFTER Evo. Fuck you, Square!), anime cons, and comicons, but that’s about it.

I hope you can get into something on wifi and get shit that way.

def interested in this game. I loved DQ8 and am a fan of the DQM games. used to play the GBC one with a friend a whole lot, and played the DS one a bit. i think im gunna sell my copy of monster hunter tri for this. I will prolly play it much more. when i have a chance to play my home consoles im always on my ps3 play ssf4. so this will be great when im not home, or the TV is being used. I really dont see that passive feature working out to well here. It is a great idea and im glad its here, but i really hope theres another way to get those maps.

heres a article from gamespot. http://www.gamespot.com/ds/rpg/dragonquestix/news.html?sid=6262934&om_act=convert&om_clk=picks&tag=picks;title;2&mode=previews

I played DQ9 a great deal. About 170-180 hours I believe. It would be nice to take advantage of the multiplayer for once.

I plan on grabbing this one for sure. I loved 8, 7 was great (though I didn’t beat it). 4 was great and got me through many trains rides while I was in Japan. I just recently started 5 up and hoping to get through it before 9 comes out. 6 looks to be fun as well.

while I was in Japan I saw tons of trailers and ads for this game, so I’ve been waiting for it for a while now. wish i had people to play with here locally though

Jesus, 180 hours?! Wow.

DQ8 was the first in the series I have played and have been waiting for this one to come out.

Does the co-op multiplayer only work with people within close proximity of you or does it work over wifi as well? Cause when this comes out I want to set up some parties with people on here.

The only thing wi-fi is used for is downloadable quests as well as special shop updates

In other words unless you know people who play, it’ll be impossible to trade maps and do dungeons together, which is a real shame. i highly doubt they will change the game to include wi-fi for multiplayer, no matter how easy it may be to set up.

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