Dragon Quest X confirmed for Wii and WiiU 2012

Just got announced, DQX was intended to be for the Wii for some time, and it seems they are adamant on releasing it on it (instead of making mo money by going multiplatform, seriously some old habits need to go already =V)
It’s an MMORPG, official site is here

Further details in here.

I expect an english release to be WiiU only if it’s getting one. It’d be hilarious if this bombs TBH.

I knew the game would end up on the WiiU. I figure the Wii is essentially dead after Skyward Sword is released.

I don’t think the game will be a MMO in the same vein as WoW. I think it’ll be more like PSO, where it’s smaller in scale and the online play is optional.


These asshats need to release Dragon Quest games on HD consoles.

For fuck’s sake.

Oh, and Square is tainting yet another series by trying to make it go the MMO route. Judging from how well FF14’s doing, I see a long, bright future ahead for DQX! :tup:

Why are they making this more mmo like? smh… :shake:

They are…a HD version will get released on Wii U next year.

So apparently a Famicom version is being made: http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/09/06/dragon_quest_x_famicom/

Tell me you didn’t actually believe that.

sigh Why only limit yourself to Nintendo? Why not put DQ on 360 and PS3? DQ8 was on PS2. Why can’t this one be on newer generations of consoles? I’m glad they finally moved on from handhelds but at least move on from Nintendo for a bit.