Dragonball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 2

So I found myself introduced to this game a few months ago by a friend of mine. Mind you Im not a Dragon Ball fan really at all but ever since i picked up the game the more and more I played the more I realized what a great game it is and know why its so popular (especially in the hood where they love Dragon Ball):rofl:
Anyway me and my friends would talk about the game on the bus and i kid you not on two occasions random ppl jumped in our convo just talking about strats and other stuff which leaded me to wonder…Just how many ppl play DBZ Tenkaichi, its a very popular game and great gameplay and follows up on the dbz plot and its characters very well. Its so good Im considering a league for just this game. Its great!

i was never a huge dbz fan, but the game looked so insane that i got it the week it came out and was hypnotized by it for a little while. they finally fixed the series so that not every super move is a 17 minute cut scene. and being able to hide and knock people through buildings and shit is fun, but once you get good i realized that its way too broken to play for real. its a little better if you use the skill point orb things to balance out all the characters so that you can use more than broly and gogeta.

the third one comes out in november so we’ll see…

pfffft…Broly? if you know how to fight him right then his ass can get rocked quick…granted he is beastly bastard. Depends on how you guys start the fight off i suppose whenever I play with the people around here we always start at the base character and work up like in b3

i played Tenkaichi 2 something fierce, although it waned when my friends went back to smash bros. I offer to play them every now and again, but we usually end up not playing…aw well.

lets hear it for 5 on 5 team great ape fights.

I have the first one, haven’t gotten around to getting the second one.

What’s the game’s key strategies and gameplay like when you play with another person (I only play the cpu).

Here are some match vids:


We avoid using SSJ3 Goku, Super 13 and Gt. Saiyaman because of their broken super explosive wave spammage :rolleyes:

Oh and SSJ4 Gogeta isn’t an amazing character.

Wow, those are some quality vids Spralwers.

I remember when the game came out there was a thread on BT2 which became a big discussion between you and someone else about whether or not the game was broken. I don’t mean to try and dreg up that sort of thing, but I would like some more info on the game.

Also, does anyone know when this will drop into Greatest Hits so I can pick it up for a decent price?

Wow at the blast beam battle at near point blank range… lmao… these looks pretty good got anymore!? Matter of fact does anyone know where there are anymore matches of this game posted up?

Great match vids, I saw this game at my local gaming store and almost got it (didn’t have enough)

:frowning: :frowning:

I remember that discussion.

Basically the argument was that BT2 was broken because of transformation combos. Take Fighting Trunks for instance. If you start at a high height and use his rush, he knocks his opponent downwards. You can transform (which eliminates B2 reload time) to Super Saiyan and use his rush… and land it. And after that, you can revert and manage to use yet another… and you keep going until you can’t transform, run out of ki, or if your opponent hits the ground.

Yeah back then it was a pretty broken strategy. That’s only because none of us were aware of teleport escapes. You can teleport escape out of those combos easily, even if any of the rushes land. People have variations of this strategy as well (like transforming and reverting between second form Vegeta for the ultimate ki volley spammage) but those can be teleport escaped too.

I’ve played this. Anyone know if it is horribly imbalanced or are there a few characters that are soft-banned and the game is still playable?

Well so far were looking at Broly but like someone mentioned though strong every character has a weakness and if you play that character right you can shut them down (not free of course)
I’ve been playing seriously for about a few weeks now and Im getting use to matchups but theres a large variety of them so strategies change from match to match and you will have to change it up depending on who you are fighting. This is what partially makes the game balance…not in one on ones but in 2 on 2 3 on 3 etc. because if its a worse case scenerio in a fight you can always tag for someone more suitable for that fight.

Anyway I’m going to be setting something up for this sometime in Setember possibly get Atari involved but thats a maybe.
Oh and btw the Andriods are Supreme! :slight_smile:

playing my ex roomate’s 16 was a bitch and a half…hHe just WOULDN’T get off me so i let second form vegeta handle that shit. I still have problems with majuub mix up…and rioting soul does this retarded block stun trap involving super 13’s explosion wave that’s relaly hard to get out of lol…There IS an infinite in the game that technically any character can do that to anyone as long as there hits stun them from my experience that one of my friends showed me…I’ve tried doing everything i could to get out of it but since there weren’t any power hits to teleport he was just wailing on my back for free. If you guys want to know what it is so you can experiment with it i’ll ask him how to do it and relay it to you guys if you want.

The game is actually pretty balanced.
Because every character is similar (which is one of the big reasons why people bash the game), nobody has any unique advantage over anyone else in terms of landing the first hit like all the fighting games you see. That already sets a good bar for balance.

Every character can teleport escape too. Its actually a pretty recent discovery, but any combo that has attacks that deal high damage (B2s, UBs, and all the other charge attacks) can be teleport escaped. The only combo you’ll be guaranteed to land is just a basic square combo. Throw in a charge attack like rolling hammer and you can teleport out of it, even if the rolling hammer comes in quick enough to still register as a combo. Even if you get tripped where you have to constantly tap O to recover, you can still teleport escape… kinda silly, but it really kills the advantage guys like Ultimate Gohan have who can dish out damage with sheer combos. It balances them out.

The only somewhat broken strategy I can think of is the super explosive wave spammage with Super 13, SSJ3 Goku and Gt. Saiyaman. Make sure you equip halo/majin seal. When you teleport escape any attack, just use the move. You can use it at close range without the backstep which is why its so effective. You deal almost a lifebar of guaranteed damage. In the PAL version SEW doesn’t knock down enemies so its not such a good strategy. The same goes for BT3.

Whoa I completely forgot about this. Let me guess… you get behind the enemy, do the 5 hit square combo, then time your next five hits of your square combo just when the combo resets, so you can do it over and over without knocking your opponent back?

The only way I can recall escaping this is using explosive wave.

that and there’s a quicker way involving pressing the ascend button to instantly reset…i forget how he does it but i’ll llet you know after i ask him

Edit: some characters basic combos don’t even combo in the front even though the game says they do…ex. ssj goku and ssj2 goku. if they hold block and you’re attacking from the front it won’t combo…so with him you’re gonna have to constantly be teleporting …good thing they have instant transmission

I know what you mean with the ascend button. Its actually the descend button and the strategy works only when you’re on the ground. Doing square melee attacks might put your character slightly in the air so you can just descend (hitting the ground) to cancel your combo.

As for the second thing… yeah alot of characters have it. SSJ2 Teen Gohan, SSJ4 Gogeta, Burter, SSJ SSJ2 and SSJ3 Goku, Kid Buu and the list goes on…
But yeah, teleporting to get behind someone is risky since you just give them an opportunity to step in.

stepping in is good but it can get stuffed and beat…happened to me often especially if you’re fighting someone who knows what they’re doing.

false courage (if its in part 2 ) and you will behave just like brolly
you can charge while ppl hit u

i have a question is raditz in the game?

does he have double sunday as a move?
if he does then ill probably buy the game

Yeah I never played 13 so I dont know much about him yet, I prefer Super 17 over him because he looks cooler! :slight_smile: but yeah that block stun into explosion wave sounds cheap hehe. About the infinites yeah there are conditional infinites like my friend who I play with he did a infinite to me with Garlic Jr. but I had a tall character…Janemba and he got in back of me then proceeded to do it. (Garlic Jr. is hard to hit and his attacks are strange) but yeah the infinites aren’t broken to a point where it unbalances the game at all and it all depends on who you use. Info on the combo would be nice though just for refernce ^.^

Flase Courage is in the game I forget who exactly has it but its there.Raditz is in the game as far as his moves I dunno I dont play him but my friend does but I’ll look at his move list and let you know what he has.


the game is popular in our way thats fa sho.

im nice in part one…never got into part 2.