DragonBall Z Raging Blast revealed in Famitsu



Seems Atari is pulling an Activision and switching devs each year since this game is back in Spike’s hand.

Not gonna say i’m really excited for this but i’m gonna at least wait and see if Spike can make it at least half way decent as B3 or Shin Budokai 2. The pure fanservice is what sold the other ones so I’m not holding my breath.

At least this gives Dimps a another whole year to work on BL2 and make sure its not the same shit storm that was BL.


I’d personally like to see a DBZ Tenkaichi 4 since IMO I feel that 3 was the closest to feeling like the dbz anime we all know so well.


I like the Tenkaichi feel better


I agree. Tenkaichi felt way more like playing DBZ than the Budokai series.


jesus christ…


Yea it was ok but the gameplay was SHALLOW, but as I said before the games sell well for fanservice so I don’t see much changing.

At least Dimps being developers that come from well known fighting game developers know something about fighting games though I don’t think the cancel system in the Budokai games was deliberate.


You guys are absolutely right, Tenkaichi felt just like the DBZ series, in that every character was exactly the same (everyone’s martial art could basically be called “hit stuff really quick and shoot lasers”), fly around and hit stuff, and yell loudly while shooting more lasers.

Yep, Tenkaichi was just like that, even included the ability to play young goku, middle age Goku, end Goku, Super SSJ Goku, SSJ2 Goku and even SS3 Goku! As seperate characters! Saves me the trouble of picking Any other goku except the highest transformation one. OMG

I on the other hand, would like a DBZ using the license with a more varied and solid system comparable to other fighters that actually makes picking different characters worthwhile.

Budokai 4 please.


I enjoy the Tenkaichi series on nothing more than a fanservice level. As a fighter it’s not very good, but me and my friends can still enjoy the hell out it.

Burst Limit was garbage on gameplay and fanservice fronts though.


You mean you guys actually play DBZ games as serious fighters?
For me, they’re pure fan service. Which is why I love Tenkaichi.

DBZ fights involve wide open spaces and HUGE explosions. Budokai just can’t provide this (aside from the occasional cinematic) with it’s 2D, close up fighting plane.


If anything, I would like it to be like Super DBZ, and instead of just transforming to SS, they should give you an option for chars with multiple forms.
Or just make you enter the transformation command again and you go to that higher level.

The only DBZ game I enjoyed thoroughly was B3, and that’s because of Broly.


I really wouldn’t mind seeing/playing a Super DBZ sequel.


I liked Burst Limit. But hey I don’t take doujin fighters seriously o/


ANOTHER DBZ Fighter? I mean, I like them, but it’s starting to get a little old…


The other thing…

Anyway, I wouldnt mind seeing another tenkaichi Considering i loved tenkaichi 3 very much


All I want is a dbz fighter that doesn’t have

1: capsule bullshit. Even the fuckin’ anime didn’t rely on that shit that much

2: mid-fight minigame shit just to make sure your move fuckin’ comes out

3: shit popping up and taking 30 percent of the screen mid-fight telling you to rotate this stick, or hit that

4: A fuckin’ story mode.“Re-live the classic fights”. Bitch, CAN that shit. EVERYBODY knows what shit went down, and who was involved. People are tired of that shit. Straight-up tournament battle. NO story mode. If you don’t know who fought who, and when and where, and you’re a fan, after all these other damn games from Atari with the same story mode, you just need to die.


in the wake of sudden random dbz hype due to burst limit’s release, i’d just like to bump this to remind everyone that this game is also very very good :smiley:
check out these japanese players
beastly super 17 player [media=youtube]qk5IH…eature=related[/media]
downright animalistic super GOGETA [media=youtube]0Tn9Y…eature=related[/media]
best pan i’ve ever seen

tenkaichi 3, but there can be some skill to the game that has obviously not been explored really for obvious reasons, but check out the vids to put some new thoughts into your noob head

thats from the tenkaichi 3 thread


None of those youtube links work

Were those suppose to be to Burst Limit or B3 vids or something??


Its hard to get excited for these at all

What’s the selling point of this one? I mean they’ve already overtapped the source material for characters and random attacks.

Why should anyone who owns BT3 buy this?

Although I’m slightly more interested in this than a Burst Limit 2(budokai engine is extremely boring), I don’t think anything short of retooling the gameplay to accommodate 4+ players with online support could get me to buy this

and I haven’t purchased any of the BT games. Just played briefly at friend’s

As for super dbz 2 I’m 100% for it but 110% sure it’s never going to happen.


Same here.

Really beginning to wonder what the hell Craft & Meister are up to. I just want them to be able to keep making decent games. Another Fighter (DBZ or w/e) would be nice to see.


oh, well, that sucks. they were some advanced play of tenkaichi 3 by japanese players