Dragonball Z: Sparking! Neo! (Budokai Tenkaichi 2) for PS2 and Revolution


I didn’t play the first Sparking, but I am interested…

Meh. We’ll see how they do this time around. I wasn’t impressed with the first Tenkaichi, because as far as I’m concerned Budokai 3 >>>>>> Budokai Tenkaichi. I’ll be more excited when I hear the news of Budokai 4 (yeah, the real one). But that won’t probably come up till PS3 comes.

Sparking! was definitely worse than Budokai 3, but neither of them really have enough potential/following to sprout major competitive stuff. Regardless of all of the elements that Dimps added to make the Budokai games have more depth, I’ll be playing Super Dragon Ball Z, because it is better competitively. And this is coming from a major Dimps fan. (RUMBLE FISH 2 FUCK YEAH :rock:)

We got one, it was called Shin Budokai and it was on PSP.

If you don’t like Sparking, Super DBZ is also getting a US PS2 release, and it looks incredible.

We have a cab here in Chicago. It really is a great game. Besides having a cool combo system, Craft and Meister (under the direction of Noritaka Funamizu, producer of SF) really packed in a lot of depth using a myriad of projectile types as well as special movements. Furthermore, mixup games a strengthened by the ability to crossup and hover. These options are all regulated by an action meter which recharges with time. While it only has 12 playable characters, the game is quite balanced and fun. Definitely pick it up! :tup:

This games seems to be really good judging by your description. I’ll definitely get the PS2 release. Anybody knows how the game is doing in japanese arcades?

Where did you hear that Chou was getting a stateside PS2 release? Haven’t heard anything outside of the Japanese PS2 port, that’s supposed to come out in June or something.

Atari’s message board had a thread for a contest poll to select the box art for the game, but apparently they deleted it after the contest was over -_-

Aw, beat me to it.

I just read on Magic Box that there will be 100 playable characters.

I too never played Tenkaichi, but I’ll give this a try, warrenting I have a Revoltuion by then.

I saw some videos of Chou Dragon Ball Z; at first I wasn’t impressed, but now I think it has potential to be a great game. The system, at least in my eyes is much better than the Budokai series.

Actually Budokai 3 had a good amount of depth/potential and Shin Budokai even moreso. So I expect the next iteration of Budokai (probably Budokai 4 for PS3) to have a huge amount of depth, ect.

more stuff…

I agree, but I must say, NO dbz game looks more like the real anime fight then tenkaichi when two pros are playing, its a beautiful thing to watch, lol.

Dragon Ball Z Chou >>>>>>>>>>> Any other DBZ fighting game.


Oh really. How much of Budokai 3 and Shin Budokai have you played? Also, have you played DBZ Chou?

I myself am really interested on playing Chou; I love Budokai, but it’s starting to feign interest.

Budokai and Sparking/Tenkaichi to me were to me more fanservice filled games. I’ve been wanting to see a DBZ game for a long time that is balanced, has some great gameplay, and is actually a pleasure to play againest human oppenents.

Budokai 3 was too abusive with the Dragon Rush system, making you play rock/paper/scissors and watch constantly. That was lame. Sparking added a new dimension with the free-flight and enabling players to actually be able to counter/defend againest the death moves/ultimate moves, but there was little to no variation between the characters because their were so many of them.

I hope Super DBZ plays as good has the hype I’ve read about it. I don’t know why everyone is incorrectly referring it has “Chou” DBZ though.

Actually Sparking/Tenkaichi, has been toted as the more “fanservice filled game” while the regular Budokais (like B3) have been toted as a good game for DBZ and non-DBZ fans alike who are simply interested in a good fighting game. But on to more important matters.

Once again I have to ask, how much of Budokai 3 have you played?

The dragon rush system isn’t even used in high level play because quite frankly, backdash>>>>>>>>>>>>>hypermode. (Shin Budokai doesn’t even have hypermode)

I really don’t play that much of Budokai 3, I bought it mostly because of the DBZ fan inside of me that still lurks. I played the hell out of Budokai 1 and Budokai 2 a few years back, but with Budokai 3, it feels like I’ve been there, done that. I mean, it’s one of the better DBZ games out there, no doubt my mind, better than Final Bout and Ultimate Battle 22, but I still think Shin Butoden (Sega Saturn) is way better, and Hyper Dimension the SNES.

My #1 beef with Budokai 3 (Including the past two Budokai games and Sparking) though is the lacking variation between characters. If the developers didnt try to shove every single character that has appeared into these games, they could probably invent a far wider variety of movesets for each character. From Super DBZ’s example, with the much smaller cast of characters, there’s alot more room to give them all unique moves and fighting styles.

Yeah, I can tell you don’t/didn’t play B3 that much by the first sentence in your 2nd paragraph alone. :wtf:

There is a very strong variation between characters in B3. Different combo/mix-up abilities, different strategies, ect ect. I think it’s safe to say you didn’t get past the PPPPE level. To say B3 is lacking variation between characters would be ludicrous.

The Kanji used in the title is usually pronounced as “Chou”. However, the furigana above the kanji spells “Supaa”. Many fansites that did not notice the furigana (including www.daizex.com, which is odd, because one of the webmasters is fairly fluent in japanese) incorrectly read the title as Chou, although most have realized their mistake by now, the name has stuck.