Dragonball Z UK voice over. Wow...they just didn't try. Haha

Wow…looks like this was from the Tree Of Might movie. I know the U.S release wasn’t the best…but this is horrible.

BTW…in the beginning they are talking about Piccolo when they say “Big Green”.

Yes…they called him Big Green. Just watch…well more correctly listen.



LOL! Tien is awesome

Part 2 is hilarious too [media=youtube]kK4mdMlUVbo&mode=related&search=[/media]

omg wtf yoda…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

ahahha come magic cloud…:lol:

Who the fuck is big green, I’m assuming it’s either Piccolo or shenlong?

Edit, didn’t see that you already mentioned that /, still fucking hilarious.

This was horrible and funny.
“now I want total POOOOOOOWEEERREEE!!”

“You have to help MEEEEEEEEEEE???”

“Let that child alone.”

“…and then, I’ll take care of YOU!!!”

“Goku…kneel before me and lower your head.”

Would have been funnier if they’d shown the actual clips, not just picutres. It’s still comedy gold, though.

P. S. Jesus Christ Almighty, that Tien dub is so bad it puts some of the One Piece dubs to shame. And Kami-sama sounds like Winston Churchill.

those are all awesome, but this is by far the best dub of dbz ever


hold on…hold on, yeah, you just won the thread

“Take your hand off from Gohan!”

UK DBZ dub was MT3K quality, but this is so bad it surpasses bad, goes to good, and goes back to bad again.



has many different voice actors of goku in english…and i think the above quote is from the uk guy if i remember correctly…and it’s a good thing i wasn’t drinking something when i heard ‘COME MAGIC CLOUD!’

ok…off subject…but…i stumbled across this…and it had me dying…




EDIT: that malaysian dub is something else…

l actually have this, it’s a video cd, i bought it for a dollar.