Dragonball ZENKAI Battle Royale (New DBZ game... for Arcades?)


According to Game Nyarth and also AM-NET:

[AC] ???ZENKAI???

Revealed at the latest V-Jump magazine (i havent found a scan yet) and developed by Bandai-Namco and for Arcade (!!!). DB Zenkai Battle Royale is a new fighting game “in full 3D fields”, so i guess they are making some kind of Budokai Tenkaichi/Raging Blast clone for Arcades, with 4 players support.

Hmm… not really hyped but i wonder if this is gonna be “competitive” and balanced now that we are talking about an Arcade game…


Of course not


They just don’t stop with these DBZ games. lol


It’s sorta like Madden, except millions of people don’t buy these.

Super DBZ needs a sequel, get on it people.


DBZ and Madden games are like bread and butter, without one the other serves no purpose

I was thinking…damn didnt tenkai tag team and RB2 JUST come out?

There are still characters they have yet to add to any of games…Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. Adult Goten…Civilian no. 1, no. 2, and no.12


Hmm, interesting.

Any way, this only does a lot to showcase that Bandai only wants more of the kind of easy money that Gundam Vs. is pouring in for them. And hey, if the game is on a network, as well, it means the occasional patch could be issued to fix the game’s problems. :lol:


as a dragon ball nerd im hyped


Don’t forget Grandma Videl. Have they added Uub in any game yet? Also King Kai is due for a fight, if Hercule makes it in then why the fuck not.


uub is in budokai 3, and tenkaichi 2-3

this sounds interesting, i hope its good, i dont know about that 4 player thing


Sounds like Gundam vs Gundam with DBZ chars. Heh


Has King Kai ever lifted a finger like EVER? :confused:

Oh and then there’s Mr. Popo, who supposively fought Goten and Trunks, but I never seen it…EVER.



Of course that happened…



Popo fights Kid Goku in Dragonball for training for the final World Tournament (where he fights Piccolo).

Sounds neat, seems like Tag Team’s 4 player mode will actually get some use. Who knows 4 DBZ fans with 4 PSPs, really.


he does in the buu saga, its not really a “fight” though, he just gets attacked by goten and kid trunks

im surprised i remember that


If that much became true, then a “Capcom-made DBZ Game” would finally come to pass (if for some reason, Super DBZ doesn’t count enough). Too bad the end result of what this game stands to be likely still wouldn’t be quite what some people may have hoped for, in any case. :lol:

But hell, as much as I love Gundam Vs., this would be right up my alley.




Hm what about Vegeta’s brother, he could be the palette swap to Bulma


It’s a stupid card game


That’s entirely different buddy.

Also, HOW HAS NO ONE SEEN THIS YET??!! Is Namco Bandai Charging Up For Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Butouden? // Siliconera

Potential Buzzkill: This may be the game they wanted to put on 3DS =\


i hope ssj nappa is in this.