Is there any interesting or practical use for this? What I know: cross-under into reversed beat plane or Hyper Mega Man at end of corner air combo (good luck with that), as a non-hitting cross-up tactic setting up a projectile assist… and really, that’s about. I’ve used it maybe four times in the past 200 matches (3 times in one match last night…) and realized that:

  • his dragonpunch seems useless
  • beat plane is almost useless
  • rush drill is pretty much useless

He’s still fun, especially when you get rockball, but — I’m just curious if anyone else is magically effectively using the dragonpunch and if so … how?

(You probably know about my ‘hack Marvel’ idea/long-term-project - I’m liking the idea of giving him rockball by default. sigh)


Very top of the height jumping fierce guardbreak, late DP FTW!!!

Combo Rush Drill or Beat plane after ground stronger XX Tron assist or the lazy ways I did it in my failed combo vid =P

When you make the edit, please make MM’s supers either have faster recovery/startup, or invincible startup please, k thnx! <3


zach ,make the low tier into monsters

pm me if u wanna discuss some things that characters could do, i’ve thought about this for some time now.


D+Lk and Tron, crouching medium, whirlwind move (qcf + P?), Dragon punch (need to be close).


thats some ugly shit


i’m at a loss for a truly useful purpose, my only gimmick is to stall at the end of games

lp has beastly speed so when somone gets in on me i do ground chainsXXupperXXbeat fly backwards and shoot full screen turd pellets.

i just run away some more until they get too close again.

maybe u could use rockball to layer more blockstun, clk,clk,c.fk(hits ball)XXupper

that might modify the scenario a lil hmmmmm

if megaman didn’t have to fight cable and sent, he’d be high tier


random two cents:

If you can trick Sentinel, you’re OK. And if you get in close, GGPO. But – if Sentinel is on the ground, he’s pretty dominant over Megaman. The fight against Cable does suck though - I switch in Cable if I’m stuck with that.

If I have to fight Cable, he’s typically trying to chip me. If he doesn’t have drones, use busters on the way down from far-side normal jumps (since he’s going to run away from you, and that’s actually not as bad for you as you think it is). If you learn the timing/placement on NJ busters, about the only thing he can do if he normal jumps is AHVB - otherwise he cancels it with his beams (minimal chip to you) or blocks or eats it (20pts damage him). But with drones, I try to superjump over the top of him, if possible, with a thrown out buster on the way SJ upwards just as a potential boobytrap/something for him to think about. Coming down over there is a real gamble, but how else do you get in? You can also sometimes use the RH slide to get in closer, but that’s pretty dangerous and requires that Cable does something stupid like a jump viper beam that doesn’t touch you. But you won’t get close enough unless you’re already less than 2/3 of a screen away…

Versus Sentinel, if he’s in the air, waste an anti-air call to get to rock ball. If you can get a little spacing, that’ll throw him off more than the Tornado Hold. But if you can’t get spacing (enough time to call rockball), then Tornado Hold works better. Dragonpunch is still useless. You want him in air, you want rockball flying if you can get it, otherwise a couple jump busters so he has to play Gradius to not get hit. If he’s on the ground, you’re kind of stuck using SJ and maybe wallbounce to get close. Sucks. He’s going to want to launch you when you come in if he’s really smart (there’s alternatives like the backdash spit, etc, but that one works very well and he doesn’t have to really worry about much from you) so you have to be paying attention to his body to watch for the RH animation. But if he does that you can usually land close enough to quickly punish since you have one frame moves.

You have an interesting match-up with everyone but Cable. If you can make it a technical match-up (where you get the chance to carefully place busters), you’ll probably win if you can avoid the AHVB (put out assists to bait that out if you need - Megaman can stall to let them recover if needs be) but if it gets to be a beam war, you’re done.

The thing about Megaman that I think people ignore is that he can place busters to beat every assist except for Sentinel drones - you can hit Magnus or Storm or Doom in the head while they assist, beyond the other buster goodness. Lots of people still like to think Magnus, Storm, or Doom assists are good calls against megaman. No. =P

But the dragon punch sucks still.


nice post:china:


very nice post. didn’t mean to wake the dead tho, but i was actually looking for a general mm thread to ask whether anyone else places busters on next char entrance to set up variable attack/DHC GBs?


Actually Kanu pulled that shit in one of his match vids. He kills CapCom vs Mega and then as Sent is coming in, does a perfectly timed GB on him. He then launches Sent, air combos into Hyper Megaman and then DHC’s in Charlie who continues the combo with a AC, coming down with a brutal dropkick to finish off that stupid robot. :woot: