Dragon's Crown (Chun-li has been dethroned as Queen of Thighs)


So I happened across this upcoming game in the flood of E3 info.
Behold the Amazon.

I like Vanillaware’s stylings and I’m sure this will be a solid game. They really turned it up to 11 with some of those character proportions though.

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Yo, I’m Hype.


Vanillaware and Platinum games are my most favorite developers right now.

George Kamitani and Hideki Kamiya in particular are my game gods lol


I love how Elf and Dwarf are now apparently classes. Thighs.


Hits don’t feel like they have weight. But this game has a long time until release, I’ll probably grab it for PS3.

Sorceress for life.


looking good, also FAP


I wanted to say that it’s just perspective and her unusual clothing playing tricks on your eyes

then i saw the sorceress

probably intentional


Sprites for the win. Vanillaware gets respect for this; I hope we get Grand Knight’s History.


I’ll be picking up this game day one, and have a “Dat Ass” face from the time that I pick it up at the counter until I put it into my respective console.


Finally, another Vanillaware game.


1st day buy.


The in game shots look great, as expected, but thos character portraits are almost Rob Liefield bad.The Amazon’s head should be twice the size that it is.

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That’s just the directors style, Even in his past games you see it a lot, just not so much on the main characters before. It’s not really anything unusual.


I’ve played Odin Sphere, I know the style, but those character portraits are a bit out of control.

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I just don’t see how you can say that having played their previous games lol


. . .

I think the Sorceress gave me a boner. Usually don’t say this but…dem titties. :eek:

Game looks fun. But now I’m gonna have to hook up my PS2 and finish Odin Sphere.

Edit: Amazon’s thighs jiggle. That’s like a whole 'nother level right there.


Odin Sphere and Muramasa are still in my 150+ game backlog, unopened.



I think it’s hilarious that the Elf is the only female character with somewhat realistic proportions… having said that, she’s probably 12 years old. lol

The sorceress pic is funny as hell. You have her rubbing her ass crack with her staff while a skull sucks her tit… :rofl:


That game looks sick as fuck O_O