Dragon's Crown (Chun-li has been dethroned as Queen of Thighs)


I’ve got a 71ish Sorceress and my Dwarf is 117 (iirc).

Currently struggling to figure out which pieces of food I haven’t eaten at camp, which is the only achievement I haven’t unlocked.



I grinded a Zon up to 70, and still have yet to beat Ancient Dragon 3.0.

I need better gear.

And the only reason I started with a Zon, was to get a few copies of her Character Specific ammy to give to my Fighter when he gets to Tower time.


Yeah, there is definitely some gear I am going to want to get for other characters (the Zon’s accessory being a big one).

Ditto on having not defeated the ancient dragon on infernal yet, gear is lacking for my Sorc to solo route B talisman bosses.

Throw me an invite on PSN if you want to get down sometime, my name is the same as on here.


Pretty sure you haven’t eaten the chicken, I think you get it by letting the Chimera fall through the earth.


That… sounds possible! Shit, thanks my dude.


Must be another type of chicken.

But that is possible.

I’ve not had it fall through and fail yet on PS4.

Gotta remember to cook it both ways, too.


I believe the chicken is from the Red Dragon falling through, about to give it a shot now. Hopefully the chicken meat appears after cooking it once, unlike the RD meat.


Yeah that’s it, the red dragon falling though. It’s been a while!


Dude, that was it for sure - got the trophy as soon as I made chicken soup. I am finally free from racking my brain over what meal I hadn’t yet fashioned in whichever camp site.

Good looking out.


Yeah DC is one of the only 3 games that I’ve gotten a platinum rank. I remember that being the reason for holding me back in DC.



I have NEVER gone to the second screen with the Red Dragon.

Not even on PS3.

That explains my lack of Plat.


I only had 2 plats so when I saw I was close to a 3rd I looked into what I needed to complete the game.

Effing cooking.