Dragons Dogma Revival


K lets do this…

SRK Pawn PSN list
ill update more as I get PSNs lol, sorry M$ dudes

Crucades - crucades
Hetacom - hetacom
Martian - shadaloo_martian
Crotchpuncha - radiantsilergun3
Gasaraki - gasarocky
- gasagasarr
Rick Ross - rumbatub-li
Initial_R_ - initial_r_
Joshkaz - Kazkab
Black Jaguar - DJ_MuddButt

The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp


I followed this from memory, for dudes that havent gotten their shit I dunno what to say I did this to the letter and am missing the items, get your PSNs in here and ill give it another bash 1 at a time


I am pretty sure that i am not ready yet for the Ur Dragon :rofl:

Lvl 55 barely


Yea same here i’m like high lvl 30 something.


to begin with you just need to survive the 3min encounter or however long you get, when its dead and you can farm the full benefits, you just need to hit each weakspot with a love tap :tup: get your bows out with spreadshot lol


k i tested out again with martian, this time i slept before and after releasing to the rift, that was a damn siegfried and appolo mask I think i have just pissed away damnit, the armour be damned lol


can you guys test out the gifting with each other with crap items to see if they go through, i dunno if the EU server is shitting on me or what


I finally got the stuff that you sent :tup:

I think that i am not even at the point of the story to be able to do it :stuck_out_tongue:
I barely talked to the Duke.
What can i say i love to wander killing stuff :looney:


yay so its not an instant transfer then, what stuff did you receive?


Thats a thought, it probably just takes time for the transfer to go through. Works for me i havent even booted the game up. will do so in the morning.


My pawn is on PSN. Lvl 121, name is “ricc”.

Just assigned him to the Sorcerer vocation, but he does have all elemental affinities.

P.S. I can gift somebody a set of duke’s robes (not upgraded). Wear that shit when you fight Grigori; you’ll be invincible on the next playthrough.


Yeah, I’ll just see if the stuff’s there in the morning.

Either way, thanks for the effort crucades. :tup:


I got stuff from the torso, arms and legs iirc

I wouldnt mind getting that too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ur Dragon: Gen 500 - 5.3

5.3 is basically its got 5 health pips left and its got about 30% health remaining in the current bar.

Easiest way to take a crack at it before the endgame is to simply go to Cassardis, go to Starfall Bay and you will find a rift portal there that takes you directly too him. You dont need to kill him you just need to fight him off for a while before he flies away, nobody can kill him unless he has no health, in which case we get like an hr or so to land the death blow on him before the next gen spawns. Well worth it for the armor/gold/goodies and ofc that OP vocation determined weapon.

I used Hetacom n Martians pawns to help me fight it, its not that hard to survive at low level provided you keep a nice stake of potions with you on hand. At the very least I would recommend all DDers to save up at the inn and kamikaze the bitch for the lols just to see what its all about.


My PSN is in my sig. Also for peepz using super high level pawns like mine(lvl185) you get less exp when summoned pawns are higher level than you. However if you’re just trying to rush through an area it can save time. So if you’re playing for the first time I suggest not using a high level pawn often, or it’ll make some stuff way too easy.

Right now I’m on Hard mode BBI, it’s actually my second BBI playthrough, never played it on normal mode though. When DD:DA was free, I just skipped to hard mode cause I was already near lvl100 at the time so I just restarted on hard and went to BBI, got my ass kicked, got to the end game of the normal campaign, and last I played, was workin on that second BBI run. Haven’t played in 6 months though lol


fyi to OP:

ricc isn’t my PSN ID, it’s the name of my pawn. I don’t know if you can do advanced searches and find him or not.

just PM me if you want me on your PSN contacts.




Its your own fault for thinking Capcom would continue with a franchise people actually care about nigga :coffee:


But what uf Deep Down is actually a DD sequel
A man can dream :wonder:


Then it’s already on the wrong track and I would be super disappointed

Oh also, I originally bought the HK version of Dragon’s Dogma because it was actually cheaper. When I turned it on it played that EPIC B’z song for the menu:

Then I get DD:DA and I realized they replaced that for some random boring instrumental track. I honestly think the JP track sets the tone for the game much better because even though it’s fairly straight fantasy, the action gameplay is most definitely not. All the hybrid classes are super anime, especially Magic Archer(super fun class btw).

Fuck American taste.