Dragon's Dogma


Hmm Capcom really did a decent job on this game.
Please no comparisions to Skyrim lolol
Discuss :slight_smile:


Yeah. I was suprised at how good it is. Its so dope. I don’t know where to begin. All I know is that the Arisen’s a pimp.


Dragon’s Dogma is cool, but Capcom really doesn’t understand the nature of an open world with “western” RPG-style missions/quests/whatever. I was getting locked out of quests for nebulous, indecipherable reasons, and traveling got really tedious after having to fight the millionth wolf.

Item management and its interface were awful, and it took about four button presses too many to do things.

The worst part about Dragon’s Dogma was that you had to fight way too many “regular” enemies between the cool parts.


I’m a pretty huge fan of this game. The biggest problems IMO are the crappy plot, although the very end is pretty interesting but nothing before that is, and the useless NG+ which could have been so much more. Why not make a random/roguelike dungeon of some kind where you could roam around with your leveled character, trying to avoid spoilers, but a certain location would have been perfect for this already.

The running around and the standard enemies are irritating the first time but later you get enough fast travel items so you don’t have to care about them. Of course many people will no doubt get irritated before that so they might have thought about doing that a bit differently…

Another bad aspect is naturally Capcom’s rip-off DLC junk, which in addition to being disc-locked is total garbage gameplaywise. Kill the same random enemies you kill normally, without any plot, get useless weapons = win? Goddamn bastards, make a real DLC with new enemies and areas and with challenge balanced to level 100-ish.

But yeah the fighting is great fun and the pawn system is amusing, although this also has pontential for more which I hope they’ll realize in a possible sequel. Certainly my favorite game for years, and this includes Skyrim (sorry), which became boring quickly IMO because of the non-existent balance and boring fighting mechanics.


Honestly I thought the story was interesting compared to the typical fantasy tripe seen in most games. I like the feeling that many of these events are unrelated given the overall theme of the narrative.

The post-game was actually kind of cool aside from a terribly-conceived way to navigate the last dungeon.

The big problem was that the enemy encounters became far too easy and numerous. Wolfpacks became minor annoyances, and bandits just an easy means to lucre. One thing that would have helped would have been making more different enemy types instead of stronger versions of old ones. Better yet, fight less man-sized stuff and more big things (you know, the cool parts).

Would you prefer DLC to supplement the game to such a degree that you feel as though you paid $60 for gimped title?


No, I prefer them to release a complete game, then spend actual time and effort to release a proper DLC which serves a purpose and provides content with entertainment. You know, like the original purpose of DLC was before companies started using the system to rip people off, spearheaded by our beloved Capcom…

Besides, the game IS gimped as it is, the NG+ is completely worthless since you are too powerful and nothing changes; DLC could be made to fix that and significantly increase the game’s appeal. The current DLC serves no purpose at all - it’s disc locked crap, so it technically does gimp the game, it’s total garbage gameplaywise, offering aboslutely nothing you aren’t doing anyway, and even the weapons you get are totally worthless, especially since most people who bought the game were already far ahead in the game when the DLC even came out to get any use out of them…


You may not like reading this, but DLC is and was always a way to get more money out of customers. If it’s making the company money, it fulfills its purpose. I can understand the why you’d want it to be used for more substantial additions, but I am very apprehensive about asking for that after a history of gimped releases and betas released as finished products in the PC market. Where the line gets drawn on how much is enough without being too much is nebulous at best.

Also the idea that Capcom is where this practice originates or that they’re greatest offenders is laughable.


After playing the demo, I liked it, but wasn’t sold on it. I was even a bit irked calling it a single player Monster Hunter with fantasy elements and overused monsters… but I gave it a chance when it was $40 a month ago, and was thoroughly pleased with the two playthroughs and 180 hours I put into it. I still see it as a missed opportunity with no co-op, but its a great game with only a few flaws that can easily be rectified with a sequel.

That said, this being done by one of the last good in-house studios at Capcom, I’m glad to see its now going to be a series… and definitely one I can support.