Dragonsama's Fire Sale. Everything has got to go. (Namco Sticks and great fighters)

Dragonsama’s Fire Sale. Everything has got to go. (SF Stick and great fighters)

Update: Some new stuff and I’m selling it on E-bay


I just recently learned from my wife that our credit card debt is over $12,000. I asked here how the fuck did it get some god damn high as I have not being using my card at all and I know we dont have over $12,000 worth of stuff we bought in the past year either. She said something about her school and paints ect… ect… Anyways this is no fucking joke and I got to do something about it. At this rate we might never pay it off so Im selling off my entire game collection. IGN says its worth about $12,000 so if I sell it all for a reasonable price then I should be able to pay it all off once and for all.

So now I am letting SRK have their crack at my Gaming collection that I have to sell off… Look through the list and make me and offer Via PM.

Full list


Fighting game and sticks Highlights you guys might be interested include.

Rare stuff

Final Fantasy X-2 Signed by Koda Kumi Signed at Kamikaze-con (only copy like this I know to exist) $150

Tekken Collection, Includes Tekken 1,2,3,4,5,tag and Tekken 5 stick (stock) $100

Namco Stick Yellow (stock) SOLD

SOLD Payment Pending
Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade Stick: Includes Original Box, Poster, and Book, Happ Modded. All parts are Happ competition grade. SOLD

Fatal Fury Double Impact SOLD
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children $10
Final Fantasy The Spirits Within $10
Final Fantasy Unlimited Box Set $15
Lunar Legend Tsukihime (Metly Blood was made from this) SOLD
Resident Evil Wesker’s Report $5
Rurouni Kenshin Season 1 Box Set $25
Saiyuki Vol1 with Box (no T-Shirt) $8
Street Fighter 2 Uncut SOLD
Xenosaga limited edition Movie DVD $8
Millennium Actress $10
Trigun Vol 2 $5
New Kimagure Orange Road Vol 1 $5
Dragon Ball Z Vol 1 $5
Sakura Diaries Vol 1 $5
Sakura Diaries Vol 3 $5
Devi Hunter Yohko set 2 (DHY4,5,6) $15
Metal Gear Saga Vol 1 $8


Evolution The World of sacred Device $5
The King of Fighters Dream Match 1999 (98) $10
Marvel Vs Capcom SOLD
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 SOLD
Mortal Kombat Gold $10
Plasma Sword Nightmare of Bil stein SOLD
Psychic Force 2012 SOLD
Soul Calibur $10


Guilty gear $5
King of fighters EX $5


Fight Night Round 2 Plus Super Punch Out! $5
Naruto Clash of Ninja $5
Soul Calibur 2 $10


Killer Instinct Gold $10


Battle Arena Toshinden $5
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 $5
Bushido Blade SOLD
Bushido Blade 2 SOLD!
Darkstalkers SOLD
Darkstalkers 3 SOLD
Dynasty Warriors $5
Dead or alive $10
Ehrgeiz $25
Evil Zone $5
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition $10 (Payment Pending)
King of fighters 95 SOLD
Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero $5
Mortal Kombat Special Forces $5
Mortal Kombat Trilogy SOLD
Pocket Fighter SOLD
Samurai Showdown 3 Blades of Blood SOLD
Samurai Showdown Warriors Rage SOLD
Street Fighter Alpha SOLD
Street Fighter Alpha 2 SOLD
Street Fighter alpha 3 $15
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha SOLD
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus SOLD
Street Fighter The Movie SOLD
Soul Blade SOLD
Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo SOLD
Tobal No1 SOLD
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 SOLD
Sailor Moon Super S SOLD

Capcom Classics Collection Vol.1 $10
Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2 $10
Capcom Fighting Evolution Jam SOLD
Capcom Vs SNK 2 SOLD
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon $10
Tekken’s Nina Williams in Death By Degrees $10
Guilty Gear X $10
Guilty Gear 2X $20
Guilty Gear Isuka SOLD
Jet Li Rise to honor $10
King of fighters 2000 2001 $20
King of fighters 2002 2003 $20
King of fighters Maximum Impact SOLD
King of fighters 2006 Maximum Impact 2 SOLD
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks $10
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance $10
Mortal Kombat Deception Premium Pack (includes Mortal Kombat 1) $15
Mortal Kombat Armageddon Premium Edition (includes Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3) $20
Rumble Roses $10
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection SOLD
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology $15
Street Fighter EX 3 $10
Soul Calibur 3 SOLD
Victorious Boxers Ippo’s Road to Glory $10
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution $10

Tekken Collection
Game Boy
Nintendo 64
Playstation 1
Playstation 2

Questions and Answers:

Q: How the fuck did you get into this situation in the first fucking place?
A: Honestly I dont know when I last heard about our Credit card debt last year we were only owed $2000 and that was on track to be paid off in 3 months. My wife handles all of the bills. I just go to work make money and give it to her. This has worked great for the past 6 years. Well she went on a spending sprees at some expensive boutiques that she found Via some friends who husbands make a lot more than I do. I was unaware of because I work all the fucking time and I have 2 jobs. So here we are. I have seized all of her credit cards and taken over the bills. I really dont buy shit and if I do I pay cash. Let this be a lesson to you guys with Yellow Fever. They like to spend you money as much as regular girls do. Especially if they come from a city like Shanghai or Tokyo. She told me it was for “Art School” after looking at the Charges I don’t think charges at Lot 8 count as Art school.

Q: do you think there was some Fraud on your account?
A: I at the time I looked it looked to be stuff she would buy and I confronted her about all of it. She claims almost all of the charges outside of the PS3 I bought last year.

Q: Why do you have to sell off your stuff why not make her sell hers?
A: Because she really don’t much of anything that can be sold other than the clothes that got us into this mess. I don’t know if you know this but women hate second hand clothes. I am trying to sell off the jewelery that she bought but getting a decent price is proving harder than I though.

Q: $12,000 just like that?!?!?
A: Not just like that. it was over time apparently. When I last checked was last June shortly before I went to Japan. (again paid for 100% in cash from savings). The charges got run up between July and last week.

Q: Stairs?
A: Unfortunately I live in a one story house and I lack stairs.

Q: so what now?
A: I’m pretty pissed right now. So she better enjoy that wardrobe she bought herself because it will have to last her quite a while.

Q: Curb?
A: Well right now I am still pissed over this and I am not going to make a decision that rash until I’ve calmed down she claims she would go out with the girls and she felt “Behind” them because of what they would wear or when they would go shopping and she wasn’t buying anything. it started off small a perfume bottle then it ballooned from there.

Q: you mean you didn’t buy ANYTHING?
A: I bought a PS3 with my own card but I knew I could cover it at the time with cash. The worst I do is I horde Lunch money for a couple of weeks to buy a new game. I either skip lunch or bring left overs. Once again paying with cash money!

Q: what does she say about all of this?
A: well she is feeling kind of bad about it now. She’s been pretty sheepish too.

Q: do you ship to Canada?
A: Yes I do!

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Depending on the item and where to it will vary. The Sticks will cost more to ship then the games. Give me your Address and Ill get and estimate.

Q: Pics or it didnt happen
A: Right here!

Q: Pics of the wife or it didnt happen!
A: My wife is not going to become SRK Spank material.

Q: hey you must own all these systems you are selling stuff for. Why not sell me your system?
A: I’ve taken it under advisement from friends to keep the systems for now. If I fall short or my goal then you might see a fire-sale part 2 system edition.

Q: hey you made a typo on…
A: Thank you Captain Spelling and Captain Grammar. I typed up this list after inventorying my stuff all day and being exhausted and having a very long argument so cut me a little slack.

Q: what about prices on the rest of the list?
A: Still working on those. PM me with an offer or ask for a price.

Q: so what is going to happen to the left overs?
A: Im giving SRK their shot right now to pick over everything after that then it will be off to E-bay!

Q: I really want that! Can I pay you more for it?
A: Yes you can. If I have multiple interest in an item I will let all parties know that there is more than 1 buyer and if they still want it they can make a higher offer. I will let offers pile up until Wednesday and then I will start PMing everyone about stuff. I wish I could do first come, first serve and to be honest if it was not this kind of situation I would do that. However I need to get as much as I can so I can pay this shit off and maybe not lose my house over it. Im not trying to be a jerk but I dont want to be a homeless bum!

Q: do you really think you will get $12,000 from all this stuff?
A: hardly. But it will make a sizable dent in it. Between that the payments I can make on it and other stuff I am selling off I should be able to take care of this in a few months instead of years or never. Once more I am trying to keep up this and the House payments.

Q: I really feel bad for you man. I cant buy anything but I wish I could do something to help.
A: I take Donations for the Get DS out of debt fund PM me and Ill give you the Pay pal Addy. Donate as much as you want $1 to $12,000 anything helps. Heck let a friend know that a fellow SRKer needs desperate help.

Q: are you only paying your debt off by selling your stuff?
A: no I am making payments on it too but the only way to get it under control is to sell off my stuff as well as make the payments otherwise I’ll be paying on this for years

Q: can you give us a progress report?
A: Yes I can. Debt O’ Meter: Total debt $12,000 - Current Debt after sale and payments $10,300

Thanks for looking and helping.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Per forum rules though, you have to post prices.

pm sent

pm sent

Do you ship to canada? And do you accept money orders?

pm sent

Any pictures of the sticks?

Is your FFX-2 NTSCJ or NTSCU/C?

Namco stick pics plz.

Any woman who can run up $12,000 without me knowing would be out the door imidiately…

Yes I have them. I wil up load themlater today.

US version so it’s NTSC

Right now I’m still pretty pissed but I don’t want to make and decision like that when i’m this angry. I already Seized the credit cards and closed out accounts yesterday.

$12,000 is an absurd amount man.

Is Bust a Groove on the PS the puzzle game, or the dancing / music game?

Sailor Moon Super S = Beat 'em up / fighting game? Can it only be played on a modded PS1?

Also fuck you deathscythe I want that Namco stick!

Bust-a-Groove is the dancing game IIRC. You’re thinking of Bust-a-Move…

Yes I know, but it was given the same name here in the states I believe.


the Bust A Move games are the Dancing ones and they are from Japan so you need a Moded PS1 or PS2.

I do ahve the US version Bust a Groove.

Run is on for the Namco Stick and the SFAC stick right now.

Pm sent

check pm

pm sent

PM sent

Wow more people have responded to this than I ever expected.

I need to compile lists and send out the PMs about all the items to everyone. It might take me a day or so to do so please be Patient.