Dragonsama's Fire Sale. Everything has got to go. (Namco Sticks and great fighters)

If master chibi isn’t taking Bust a groove I’ll add it to my list. Thank god I saw this thread early.

speakin of wife buyin clothes with credit card… mines doin the same exact shit! i best stop that shit or imma end up sellin all my video game collection too!!!

nah im getting it for sure, ive been dying to find that game.

there was two of them right?

(we’re still talking about the dancing game right?)

I’ll send a pm later.

Yes the dancing one. I’m as confused as you are :looney:

Is your wife selling any of the clothes she bought?

would you want so sell anything but console games?

i’m interested in getting some dvd’s (anime and some good movies preferably), pc parts (external, eg external sound devices, possibly a tablet), and other misc electronics (headphones, bluetooth headsets, bluetooth pc adapter, etc misc small stuff)

Definitly check your last 8 months of statements, see wtf she bought that was so expensive and sell that.

Not fair at all for you to be selling your games for her stupid mistakes.

sell your wife

I have some Anime DVDs mostly box sets I’ll be adding them to the list soon.

I can’t return them. I tried to sell them but and Chicks don’t buy used clothes unfortunately. What pisses me off is I shop at Old Navy, Target and Wal-Mart and she was shopping at freaking Ralph Lauren, Versache and Neiman Marcus. I tried to explain to the stores the situtation but no dice at all. Well she better enjoy these clothes because she ain’t getting new ones for at least 2 years.

Between selling off my games and my pay form two jobs it should (hopefully) be 3-4 months. I am still pissed about this but after I have these cards paid off I can put all of my money into savings.

Thanks to everyone replying to the thread and PMing me. I will go through the PMs tonight when I get home. I’d do it now but work is a real bitch today.


DragonSama: You can sell her clothes on eBay. You’ll get at least 50% of the money back selling on eBay from her designer clothes.

I talked to you at A-Kon 18 about your sticks and SRK if you do not remember me.

If you are going to Anime Matsuri, I can push her down a flight of stairs for free!

(sorry, trying to morbidly humor you)

Street Fighter anniversary and Capcom vs SNK

I’ll buy the Capcom vs SNK and Street Fighter Anniversary off of you.

if you use AIM IM me at : Project KFC

PM sent.

Pm sent.

Thanks to everyone I am going to the post office this Saturday to ship stuff out.

I still have a bunch of stuff left so keep the PMs coming.

nothing on listing the animes / movies?

PM sent

Have not had the time to even go through them yet. I plan to do that this weekend.

PM Sent a while ago with no response. Just wanna make sure you got it.