Dragunov and Bryan Fury combos


I normally don’t make random new threads like this, but where can I find combos for these two characters? Trying to learn this team, and well… can’t seem to find anything.

Checking out tekkenzaibatsu forums, all there info is scattered and no way I’m looking through 22 pages of a thread just to find Dragunov’s BnB.

Any site with good info on this game, or just combos for each character?


You would have checked atleast 12 pages by now. Its the best site for Tekken, hands down.


These boards are just developing, so the obvious choice for now would be TZ. There’s no other fantastic resources for characters that I know of.


That’s unfortunate. And no, not trying to sound like a smart ass. I’d love to learn this game, but researching this game seems difficult only because the information isn’t organized.


Maybe you should do what i did, create your own combos. For me, its easier to remember and execute them that way. You may want to check out the sample combos in character’s movelist and mix some moves here and there. Once you learn your BnBs for both chars you can go for tag combos, etc.


…You could always start from scratch. I had no prior knowledge of Angel and Devil Jin and am progressing fine. In fact, a lot of people here are compiling resources and strategies anew here. So it’s not that bad of an idea.


Hmmmmm, I suppose I can start from scratch. I was hoping to get educated on the game before purchasing it (haven’t done so yet), however, I don’t want to jump in knowing nothing of my characters. And watching videos don’t help much since I don’t understand what moves are being used, so to grasp an idea of combos isn’t working to well in that part. Buying the game will help in this solution, however that will take up some time.

I honestly don’t know about getting this game is worth it if the community is… well… not very formative.


Well, as I’ve said, we are a separate community from TZ. Their compilations may be in shambles, and that’s their business. We’re developing knowledge in this little forum and sharing as much as we can. If not having content up for Dragunov and Bryan up within four days’ time isn’t speedy enough for you, I would definitely agree that it isn’t worth your money.


Thank you, I appreciate the feed back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this is a good game. But for new comers… ouch. I don’t think they’ll last.


While I almost never used Bryan Fury, I have used Dragunov since his debut in Tekken 5: DR so I have experience with him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no “top level” player with him but I have enough experience to win matches with him. But any ways, I could mess around the lab with Bryan/Dragunov for you and see what tag combos I can do with these two.


Honestly, any info will do. People keep telling me “do the tekken 6 stuff”, but that isn’t going through very well. That, and while watching match videos, I see them doing combos that look completely different from tekken 6.

I got an idea of how to space and get in. I know how to open my opponent up, but I’m just not scary after hitting them. It’s like like, I mix up my opponent and hit them into… nothing…
The lack of combos is really hurting my game, as even someone with zero fundamentals can be scary if they know optimal combos after QCF launchers and what not. Ya’ know?


Well Wolf, why don’t you go all the way and make a Dragunov thread? :slight_smile:


Well, I haven’t been able to get in the lab with Bryan, thanks to a certain “Divine Moderator” wanting to play a few games with me… I’ll be certain to get time time in training with Bryan and Dragunov today.

Because, I’m not a pro with Dragunov, and I don’t know any of the technical info on Dragunov’s moves…


That may explain the severe owning you got about an hour ago :wink: jk lol

I keep saying this but…

That doesn’t matter, make the thread anyway! I have no sort of in-depth knowledge with Angel because I’ve been playing her for only five days now, but I’m compiling all sorts of info on her in my thread.

How do you guys think the pros come up with their strats? They don’t channel the character through some magic incantation.


All right, I’ve come up with some Bryan/Dragunov combos. Please excuse the lack of Tag Assault combos, I’m still trying to get used to them.
1= LP, 2=RP, 3=LK, 4= RK
Also, please forgive me if this is a little hard to follow, not used to typing these up.
Bryan on point:
3, 3, 4
~[Tag Dragunov] f 2, 4 > dash > 1,3,2 > f3 DF > 1+2 | 98 damage

~[Tag Dragunov] dash > 4, 1 > 1,3,2 > 1+2, 4 | 104 Damage

~[Tag Dragunov] f1, > 1,3,2 > 3,1,2 | 96 Damage

That’s actually about it for now, not that familiar with Bryan and his juggle potential. If I come up with some new things while training with Bryan and Dragunov, I’ll post some more. I’m pretty sure other players can come up with much better tag combos than these though.