Drake University Student Finds Images Of Fellow Frat Brother Sexually Assaulting Him


**DES MOINES, Iowa ? **A Drake University student got a nasty surprise after finding some disturbing porn on a fellow Sigma Chi frat brother?s computer. The videos and images featured his friend, 21-year-old Anthony Bertolone,performing various sex acts on him while he was passed out. <-----(kcci des moines news article. more info)

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Drake University Student Finds Images Of Fellow Frat Brother Sexually Assaulting Him - The Dreamin’ Demon

What’s wrong with you Iowa dudes?


Thats scary as hell seeing yourself abused on video with no memory of it whatsoever.


EWWWW, Finding something like this would be really disturbing


This, a hundred times this.


He probably just finished watching an episode of true blood and couldn’t control himself

edit: and on a serious note, why the fuck did he go to the cops. I would have just straight beat the mans ass for that.


maybe the guy is rich and he wants to sue.thats the only reason i can think of him

A) going public with it
B) not beating the holy hell out of that guy


i think you could still beat the guy and sue him afterwards. everyone would sympathise with you


lol I could imagine the judge’s face if he did beat the hell out of him and then sued…“Your Honor, I’m suing because insert name here raped me in the ass and put the pictures on his computer”…


sounds like [media=youtube]CEJ5bfuBehs[/media].


That’s fukt dude.

Prank or not, male or female, taking advantage of anyone and violating them is a scumbag move.

On top of that, the guy is a dumb-ass for documenting it. Whatever he gets he deserves.


Aww beat me to it. Basically this. Never get knock out around white people!




did he get lured up by gamecube and jack johnson CDs?


I googled 3rd degree sexual assault and it means that the guy raped him. :wasted:

I wonder if he slipped him a roofie or just waited for him to pass out after drinking. Probably slipped him something because even if I drink a lot, I always remember what happens.


I bet it was the xbox and the natty light.


HAHA I was thinking the exact same thing. (derrick comedy is brilliant)

Calling this fucked up is an understatement

(offtopic) who is that wrestler in your AV, I remember hating him so much when I was a kid but his name escapes me.




Me too, but I know plenty of people who don’t. Some people just have a “shut off” switch in their head that says no more and others just keep on trucking until the knock out.


eh everyone knows there is nothing gayer than being in a frat


i found it easier to make friends than to pay for them…