Dramatic Battle SF4 Qualifyer (Norway) R1KO

hi !!
i should probably introduce myself.
some of you know me and some probably dont. Im DagV Norways ambasadour of fighting gaming :D. Im running a project to build up a larger fighting game community with tournaments/events and trying to build up an online community over at www.round1ko.com We are a little community consisting of mostly casual gamers picking up new games , with the exeption of some hardcore older gamers in VF (Chief Gutti) Tekken , Guilty Gear , and ST/SFHD (myself)
The 15.th of August we held an official Dramatic Battle qualifyer for SVB in Street Fighter 4 were the first place price were a trip to London and a free pass to enter SVB. The tournament had a good turnout by our standars with over 50 people entering and lots of people showing up for support and casual gaming. To attract more people we held a 2vs2 tournament , but the ruleset within the individual matches were the same as the ruleset in SVB. I’ll link to what ive uploaded of vids from the tournament. Enjoy !



















[media=youtube]SdQ7d1d8_wI"[/media] the community is groooowing !!! even tho is f’ing scrubs there …lol

thanks to bullet proof and shin dragon for allowing us to be a part of this.

the final results :
1 Infamous/Dr.Tran
2 Nukleuz/Wallace
3 Duppsko/nilo
3 Taaj/BliRedd
5 Stuperen/Skutor
5 Anarkira/Trondgief
5 IBroWz/Jan Kare M
5 BalleKlorin/BMage
9 BigCheif/ARocks
9 Antonius/Alfie
9 Quakeulf/kellogs
9 Ogiwara/sisteboss
9 M.A/Dboy
9 Dorritos/Pacman
9 Robbie3s/Gutti
9 RedHawk/EagleJin
17 Flte/Zephy
17 Voldbo12/Lollaf
17 Kroolz/Kaffemus
17 Holdbrilanj/SimSim
17 Luckystrikes/Rosso
17 Kalervo/Dahlmas
17 Jawad
17 Nea/Zaky
17 WhiteRhino/WhiteShark
17 BucketheaD/Hadrian