Drawing at work (bored)

Lately work has been really slow, and I pretty much have nothing to do. So lately I’ve been drawing.



















  1. I guess I was trying to draw Zappa and a summon but it turned out kind of weird, so I drew a kanji symbol in place of a ghost.

  2. Samurai Champloo fans will probably recognize this. By in my defense I was at work and did it from memory. He turned out looking rather mean, instead of the wacky/goofy look that the original had.

  3. A really crappy looking Ibuki. I was trying to draw a raccoon popping out of her backpack with a kunai in it’s mouth, but that got really miffed. I have no idea how to draw a proper raccoon. Her hands and face are really androgenous too. If it weren’t for the hair and the tiny sized feet, she could totally pass as a man in that pic. And speaking of the feet, I really half-assed it on those.

15 & 16) More Ibuki. I can’t seem to get her chin right. She looks like an older woman instead of a cute girl.

  1. This started out as a pic of Rock Howard, but I totally gave up like halfway through and just made him look like whatever. The frog came later. Random toads are the win.

Criticism and tips are welcome.

[Edit]: Oh, and I’ve never posted in this section of the forums before, so I apologize if my format is ass. Please let me know if there’s some rules and etiquette I should know about, thanks.

Long time no see man. I think you should stick non-ruled paper (the one without lines).

The elephant ones are cute

As for the Ibuki busts (lol, talking about the head of course) I guess

-thinner lips
-smaller nose
-slightly larger ear(s), at least for #15
-smaller chin and less defined jawline

Sprite sets or sprite sheets can be good references too.


Sup, thanks. Yeah, it’s been a while. Good to see you’re still around and still rockin Shermie.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll keep working on them.

About the sprites though, yeah they are a good referance, but I can’t access them at work. So I usually am going just off memory when I try to do fan art. In my head she’s a cold blooded steel magnolia ninja bitch of doom, but then I get home and I remember she’s a cute ditzy school girl.


Haha, I like that comparison. I think adding a little bit of psycho ninja to her in your drawings wouldn’t hurt. :wink:

Well, I screwed this one up bad. But I’ll keep working on it.

I’ll pen it tomarrow and see if I can make it look less retarded. And depending on how busy it is on Friday, I’ll bring a sharpie and work on it even more. So, in the mean time, got any suggestions? I know I need to shorten the arms and re-do the feet and hands. I think the pose in general is a little screwy, but I don’t have a model to verify. Definitely half assed the chest area and pony tail. And the leg in the background looks retarded. I’ll also be adding detail to the clothes. Or maybe I should just start a new one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally forgot what her jacket looked like, but I knew it looked something like Lei-Lei’s (showing mad cleavage). I’ll redo that.


Hey, didn’t know you liked the character too. ^^; I’ve a bunch of reference pics I can link to later. And yeah, feet and hands are small, but nothing practice can’t fix. :tup:

She wears a jacket and a tight skirt with a side criss-cross design. She also wears what looks like a body suit or a one-piece swimsuit with a hole by the cleavage. He boots look like a cross between wrestling boots and Star Wars ones.

http://cgshrines.rydia.net/shermie/003/9916.html sprite
http://www.etntelephone.com/hp/photon_kof_ad/s44.PNG w/o jacket

Fortunately, there’s a fair bit of art depicting her as sitting down.


Want me to give a shot at the said pose? Nevermind that I’ve drawn her countless times before.

Well actually, I’ve never played the game she was in. I just like the character design for some reason. Her fighting stance is really cool.

Thanks for the reference pics, the first one and third one helped a lot. I think I will start a new one since it seems I’ve butchered the last one too much. I should’ve drew out the body first, then went from there.

For some reason I thought she wore leg warmers and pumps – I pictured her in my head as being very 80’s in fashion. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s quite alright To me, a new Shermie means there’s hope for the world. ^^

And yeah, her hair really gives off an '80s vibe. A lot of SNK characters do.








  1. Yeah, she’s on the pole. Her body is really elongated. Once again I should have mapped out the body first, then went back and added detail. I hate her left hand, I feel like I haven’t been drawing hands properly lately. In general her chest and thighs look really weird.

  2. I don’t think this one looks too bad. But the foot in the background needed a longer boot, and the leg itself needed to be proportioned, the right thigh is too long.

  3. Some random doodles. I dunno. I miss the beach.

  4. I think this is from the Shin Megami Tensei series. Although I think I butchered it a bit. Wonder what it means…


  6. Random. I like the dude in the bottom right.

I heart you man:lovin: I should get off my lazy ass and do some sketching again, as well.

I heart you, too. <3

Woops, she’s on the pole again.

So, I took my own advice tonight and did the preliminary sketch of the proportions before adding detail. Ironically I like the proportions, but I don’t really care much for the pose – except her left arm of course, which is obviously too long. It’s also lacking a lot of detail in the skirt and jacket – it doesn’t really look like leather, and should have a lot more creases and folds. And I also somehow managed to forget to put sleeves on the jacket.

And once again her upper chest area is too elongated. That’s a reoccuring problem I have when drawing women for some reason. C’est la vie.


not elongated ENOUGH

Not the tits. I’m referring to the space between her breasts and neck/shoulders (or clavicle, for those who know what that is). Her shoulders are too “buff”, so to speak.

…not elongated enough STILL

What on earth are you talking about? Xeno’s right, either the torso/trunk is too big or the head and limbs are too small. :F

I like how you always draw her with the heart, though.


They have pills for that, you know

He’s just messin. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, I’m retarded.



And yet somehow these look slightly better than the originals, despite being so daft. That seriously took me like 30 seconds in PS.

Work was particularly slow today. Blah.




  1. Random doodle. I probably had my mind on Persona.

  2. I’ve been pissed about the way I’ve been drawing hands on small sketches lately, so I drew this.

  3. Zappa love.

please help me i need sleep

nice drawings

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sleep helps those who help themselves.



  1. I dunno what I was doing with the flame effect. I blame it on boredom.

  2. I left work before I could finish this.