Drawing at work (bored)

Goddamn man, you draw hands REALY fucking well.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I guess it helps that I look at my hand when I was drawing. Wish I could look at a model for other things.


  1. Work was so slow. :expressionless:

Looking at your own hand is indeed a good way to start. I’d recommend a basic anatomy book too, but they’re not for everyone. ;B Heck, I keep forgetting to pick up one more often, myself.

I already have a few anatomy books (three, actually). I just don’t take them to work with me. Hehe, I should really study more often.



  1. Botched attempt at (a) Harlequinn.

  2. Didn’t have time to finish this. I’m not liking how Rogue looks, or Wolvie’s head. I want to start a new one on Wednesday because I had an idea, so I’m debating weather or not to bother finishing this one.




  1. I dunno what I was thinking. Freaking ugly. And still out of proportion.

  2. Random bust.

  3. I was thinking of Karin when I did this, but it doesn’t really look much like her. Oh well.

Karin’s really fun to draw because of the curls and the rich bitchitude.

Drunken DJ Karin is an awesome concept.



  1. Dan holding a couple of mellons. I was trying to make him look like he’s doing a goofy kissy face and holding the melons like boobs, but it looks like crap. I’ll have to keep working on it. I’m trying to do a scene for once and it’s gunna take a while.

  2. Kohaku with a trash can lid on her head. Ghetto samurai.


Whee. That’s as far as I got. Was going for a chic-style. But I can’t help getting the proportions wrong as usual.