Drawing Concentration: Video Gaming


i’ve been really busy lately
been working on my senior exhibition for school and a comic strip w/ my friend.
since i havn’t had time to post anything, i’ve decided to post some drawings i did in class.
my concentration for my portfolio this year is video games =]

here’s my first piece
sorry, it’s kinda blurry

no, i don’t like DDR



That looks hella sick dude. All graphite with a blending stick?


holy shit man, that’s incredible!


gnahaha:wgrin: cool


awesome shading


The fanart on this sight is really good. Dayum. Noice work there.


concentration #2
still life of my ps1 controller



i made up a date, so don’t yell at me if it’s wrong =]



concentration piece #4
Marvel v.s. Capcom
errr…X-men vs capcom?


gotta give credit to hideki, akiman, marc sasso and julie bell for character reference


That’s fucking incredible man.


Unbelievable. I love the MvC one. I really like the ressemblance between Magneto and Bison.


Ah man, this is some really great stuff…